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Hi. Hope you don’t mind as this question has probably been asked before. I have cardiomyopathy and an ICD FITTED. I have just had a quote from all clear travel insurance for world cover of £1200 for one holiday.please can anyone recommend any reasonably priced travel insurance companies that quote with these sort of medical issues. Many thanks. Julian

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MichaelJHHeart Star

How long ago was it fitted? Insurance companies generally are reluctant to cover people undergoing diagnosis and also for a period after any procedure.

StaySure are worth a call.

Hi. I can't get travel insurance as such at the moment (as I don't have a diagnosis for what's causing the 2 cardiac arrests I've had in last 3 months) but even I could get (expensive) urgent medical care from Bought By Many. They would only cover me for EU travel though. As long as you don't have a terminal prognosis of under 6 months, and you do have doc's ok to travel, you can get that cover. Otherwise there is a pinned post from BHF with a long list of providers and BIBA (a broker) you can work through, though all I tried said no to covering me.

Good luck xx

We use Insurancewith and have found them to be more reasonable than other companies.

kefalonia1 in reply to sue2002

Hi Sue, nice name l am also Sue. l have a AVR, normal pacemaker and on warfarin for life. We are going to Spain for a week in Sept and l chose lnsurancewith they only charged £95.00 Good choice!.

Hi Michael. Had it fitted in February due to heart failure

Try ALC Global Health Insurance, I don't know the contact details as it was done through my broker. I have an ICD fitted (Oct 2016) and was covered for a cruise in May this year.

Thank you. Will give them a try👍🏼

I use Freedom insurance and have had an ICD since 2005

Julquick in reply to MathsNicky

Thank you Nicky

Hi Julia. I also have Cardiomyopathy & was turned down by 42 travel insurance companies. Then I joined a local Women's Institute group & their travel insurance Co. Open Travel insured me for £195 worldwide for the year. If you have a lady spouse she can join & insure you. If not...try one of the companies recommended in other replies. Good luck. Clare

PS. Cardiomyopathy UK are having their annual conference on 27th October in Liverpool. All details on their website.

Thank you Clare

Hi, please read my reply to Sue2002. Take care.

Hi, my other half has an icd plus stents,and a couple of other conditions.

We rang loads of companies for travel insurance and ended up with a company called Avanti, real nice people to explain to on the phone and go through all the questions.

Last year we took out a 12 month worldwide top level with cruise included policy it was around £600, he had not long had his ICD fitted so I was taking no chances and certainly not cutting any corners and declared everything I could, this year we have just taken out Europe plus cruise cover, £250 or there about, as they have changed underwriters and you at present have to add on 5 destinations to world wide cover ? ( USA, Canada, Caribbean, Hongkong and I think Mexico) so we can add them on to our Europe cover for single trips instead.

So it all depends where you want to travel, about 15 quid of this policy covers myself, lol !

It sounds like a hell of a lot, but I want to know we have the best cover if ever needed, I just budget this into our holidays, there may be other companies out there, so I will be following this feed,


Had an AVR and double by-pass in Oct 2015

Went to Thailand in Feb 2016 Saga - single trip £ 263.46

USA last year - single trip £195

Greece this year All year cover - Spectrum £238

Hope this helps

also in 2016 tried using Go- compare where Saga came out best! (sorry am over 50)

Good luck


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