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Psoriasis and pregnancy

Hi all

First post, completely new to this. I have psoriasis and PsA which has gotten worse over the last few years. Unfortunately my husband and I have suffered two miscarriages over the last 5 months and although they were both early and likely to an chromosonal abnormalities, I am still wondering if having this condition as an auto immune disease could have be increasing the risk? I already have a daughter but my PsA has definitely gotten worse since having her.

Any help would be gratefully received.



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Wow.. I wish I had better news but everyone is different. I also have PSA and suffered many miscarriages always in the first trimester and each one laying a bit longer than the other. I suffered 11 between my two boys... They are 6.5 yrs apart but on a positive note I do have two boys. I did go through all kinds of testing when I went through this and everything was negative. I believe my immune Austen was just fighting back against "inflammation". Don't give up ... And hopefully you have some great news soon.


Thank you for you reply. 11? How on earth did you manage to find the strength to keep trying? It seems too much of a coincidence that my arthritis has gotten worse and I have miscarried twice, but my arthritis tends to get worse during periods of stress, which would be why it's worse since having my daughter.

I am so glad you got your two boys, thank you for giving me hope. Was there anything different you did with your son that you think may have made it work?


Sorry for the late reply ... no I honestly lot had given up was ready to maybe just have my tubes tied...I couldn't deal with the let down anymore, I actually got pregnant and u did not even go to my dr IU until I knew I was at the 12 week hurdle. He did not do an internal or anything just sent me to McMaster which they really did not need to do anything he was healthy and viable. Now it was almost two years since my prior miscarriage... But other then that nothing different... in the past i taken progesterone wax strips... etc.. but nothing seemed to help me. I wish you the best of luck!!


My psoriasis flared up after the last child was born. Apparently normal levels of natural steroids in your body change after and during pregnancy so it affects your skin. This is an inflammatory disease so it can affect any part of you though it didn't affect my pregnancy it may not help in that you are probably open to more infections and stressed more with it. Good luck in the future.


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