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Guttate Psoriasis



I have always had plaque psoriais - elbows, knees, scalp etc.

This year I have developed what I think is Guttate Psoriasis. I have little hard outbreaks all over my trunk and buttocks. Some merge together. The are almost like little warts but hard.

Any advice as how to treat this. Apparently one should not use cortisone.

I am currently on 5.5 mg of cortisone (Prednisolone) for another auto-immune disease.


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Hi, similar situation to you. Years of plaque in similar locations and then the guttate just started appearing. It would sometimes bleed after long runs in the cold....combination of friction and temperature I think. I found it is tricky to treat with Entstilar (what I’m using for my plaque) just because it takes ages to apply in small dots all over the body. But it does work. I am also having phototherapy treatment (fortunately I have medical insurance) but this has been put on hold due to coronavirus. Which I found helped immensely-I would try see a dermatologist to help-appreciate that isn’t too helpful currently.

Slosh in reply to RichardCohen

Thank you for your response. I was using Enstilar - but have had such bad reactions to it - I am very chemically sensitive. Its weird - the spots are also mainly where clothing may rub on me. Its like my skin has become thin / super sensitive - probably to the longterm steroid use. I dont even know if it is guttate. I have an appointmet with the dermatology clinic - which has now been moved to the end of Feb.

RichardCohen in reply to Slosh

Good luck. Not sure about you, but I have moved to using isomol gel instead of a shower gel to help reduce skin irritation. It hasn’t gotten rid of the psoriasis, but just made it more subdued-seems to be keeping it moisturised more. I do find it’s always where clothing rubs.

Slosh in reply to RichardCohen

Thanks will look into that

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