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23 and just developed psoriasis - Help!


Hi everyone,

I have recently developed guttate psoriasis across my torso and scalp over the past couple of months. I've had very small, short-lived bouts before but it's really flared up this time It doesn't seem to be going away. Does anyone have any tips for managing it (especially on my scalp - I'm so self-conscious)?

My brother developed guttate psoriasis when he was a few years younger than I am now and it got very bad. He did a lot of research and ended up getting his tonsils out which cleared it up! He still gets a little bit when he's run down but he's pretty much clear now. Has anyone else tried this and did it work for you?

Also, I've had bad hayfever for a number of years and also developed a lot of allergies recently, such as to apples, pears and nuts (I believe its oral allergy syndrome causing this) and I seem to be a bit gluten intolerant. I'm also having a histamine intolerance test on Sunday - hopefully, this will offer some answers! I mention all this because it's all autoimmune stuff that I think may be linked. Do many of you have allergies?

Sorry for the barrage of questions. I'm feeling a bit out of my depth and looking for any help from people who understand.

Thanks so much for reading!

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As with all auto-immune illnesses I would look at dietary changes. I went for a whole-food plant based diet and my psoriasis, RA and OA are all history.

May1994 in reply to andyswarbs

Thanks Andy! That's amazing that you've managed to get rid of all that - that gives me hope

I am in a similar situation to you! 25 and just developed it. It covers my whole body minus parts of my face. Its very sore and I have no idea how to manage it and the GP has been less than useless and Dermatology appointments are few and far between.

May1994 in reply to hbn25

I'm sorry to hear that hbn25 😔 But it's nice to speak to someone in a similar situation.

When my brother was going through it all, he struggled to find a GP who knew anything about it either.

Did yours flare up after you were run down with a sore throat? Have you considered getting your tonsils out?

hbn25 in reply to May1994

Mine flared up after a breakup, a house move and a couple of other stressful situations which all happened at once. I believe mine is stress related but it has rapidly got worse over the last 3 months. Ive had blood tests, a biopsy and a lot of steroid cream along with lots of people in the street staring or asking what is wrong with me (strangers are so rude!) and giving me their opinion on what I have.

It may be an immune issue with me but I believe stress is a contributing factor however I was on antibiotics just before it started (tonsilitis) so that could also be it!

I am starting to take Olive Leaf Extract which "apparently" helps. There are so many potential reasons and no one in the medical profession seems to be able to help me or guide me in how to manage this so Ive almost given up on hoping my skin will go back to normal! Still some hope left though

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