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Dear Angels,

I really really miss you alot today. 😢 This is really hard.

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It is hard isn’t it missing our loved ones. Is there anything that helps you? I find keeping busy helps exercise too. Not always achievable when really down. Those times calls for a cosy blanket & crap tv. Take care & big hugs x

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Survivor1687 in reply to Caza

Thank you 🥲 ((hugs))

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Caza in reply to Survivor1687

Whenever I’m really really sad, I remind myself that tomorrows another day & good thoughts will come again. Stay strong x

Your Angels are there it may not feel like it however they're there

I know 🥲 thanks Luna ((hugs))💜

You're welcome. ,

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Hi Survivor1687 Sending huge {{{hugs}}}

Definitely a time for selfcare, anything that makes you feel better will help get you through this time, Hairdresser, manicure etc. Keep yourself distracted .

We feel for you <3


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