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Tribute to my Dad

Dear Dad

As a new born you held me in your arms gazing at me with your bright eyes,

your warm smile and friendly face made me feel safe;

Those days I wished could last forever,

but I had to go to school and you to work,

I waited eagerly for you to return home,

when you would ask me how my day was and help me with my homework;

you taught me so much... thank you

As years went on our family spent many happy days

sharing your lovely meals, stories, fun and laughter.

you brought joy to us all, thank you.

Time passed and I grew away, you let me spread my wings

knowing you would always be there for me

In times of trouble you helped me through with your kind words and hugs

You were my home, my safe haven, thank you.

Alas, fate played a cruel trick and took your mind away from us

and your memories from you, but we carry them in our hearts for you dad.

Your journey may have been lonely my friend, till you met that peaceful end

where we could hold your hand, tell you we love you

taking comfort in those bright eyes once again;

chance to say you've been the greatest dad

and how proud we are to be your family.

Your place is with your mum and dad and grandparents now

I hope you're all having a party up there and it's just how you hoped

save a place till we meet again always. xxx

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That is an incredibly touching piece LaurieRose.

It highlights the special bond that you shared with your dear Dad. How your Dad was there for you, loving, caring, and guiding you as you grew up and you could do the same as your Dad's health deteriorated. It is beautiful and a fitting tribute to your dear Dad.

Love Lottie xx


Thank you Lottie. I feel happy that I'm getting to say what I want to. Mum and the funeral director had to approve it and they have. Xx


LaurieRose am I right in thinking that you are going to read the tribute you have shared here at your Dad's funeral. I didn't realise. If so, then you have written an incredibly special and personal tribute. I am sure your dear Dad would be so proud.

Love and blessings, Lottie xx


The vicar is going to read it for me. I'd love to but there are going to be so many people there...although I'm perfectly fine with public speaking I'm not sure I could say all of it without crying.

Yes Dad would live it and the rest of my family will like me showing him the respect he deserves. I think it's good for my children to know how special my dad is to me.

Love and light Lottie thank you xxx

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I believe it is a good idea to ask the vicar to read your tribute at your Dad's funeral. I know I asked our local vicar to read the eulogy I had written at my partner's funeral for the same reason.

Your tribute is beautiful and reflects the special relationship that you shared with your Dad. You have those memories to treasure always, take care

love and light to you too,

love Lottie x

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LaurieRose what a beautiful heartfelt letter to be read in loving memory of your loving dad..he will be so very proud of you and your family it's a good idea to ask the vicar to read it because you will to upset to get the word out...I wrote a poem for my mum but I was to heartbroken too to read it out..your dad's send off is going to be hard enough for you all but know he will always be loved and remembered forever by you

Take care



That is beautiful LaurieRose

Everyone should be very proud of you, I know your Dad certainly will.

Chloe xx


Thanks Nat and Chloe. Xx

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Thank you Graham means a lot. X

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