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This morning I woke up and I cried my eyes out then later I went to my Brother's bench in the local park and I put some flowers there I sat there for a while then I went into mind and had chat with one of the volunteers she was called Helen she was so nice and she was sympathetic to my situation then I started crying and she made me a brew when she came back I was still crying my friend Anne was in the room with and her dog George and Anne said please don't cry Stafford. and Helen said get it out of your system Staff. and he was comforting me the pain will ease Staff.

It has been a long day today.

Thank you especially to all my friends on this site for the kind messages.




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Im so happy that you spoke to someone face to face about it.having a good cry helps with the pain of your lost will always miss him he will live always inside your heart.

Love Nat xxx

Staff glad you had someone to talk to the other day or should I say two people to talk to. It will be hard when it's a day that means something to you.

Good for you to go there and tell them how you felt! It's not easy as you don't know how people will react so you have done really well.


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