I had a eerie experience last night??

Last night I was in bed reading my kindle I'm reading Paul ogradys biography and all of a sudden something blew in my ear like someone had blew out a candle sort of blow it made me jump out me skin I jumped under the covers it frightened me I know I didn't imagine it it really gave me the jitters has anyone had any sort of experience like that I know I didn't imagine it it was very real

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  • I once thought I heard my bedroom door open and footsteps across the room, then it felt like my duvet had been lifted up behind me, I could feel the draught, it was really weird and very scarey! Another time I felt I was being lifted up out of my bed and floating at ceiling level!

    These events happened several years ago and I've never forgotten them!

    Love....Pat xx

  • Hi pat yes there something that's hard to forget isn't it my baby shih Tzu keeps growling when he goes near my bedroom he will just stare and growl he never done it before strange isn't it xx

    Love Nat xxx


  • Yes I had the exact same thing, a few yrs ago now. It didn't frighten me, I thought if it was a loved one then why be spooked. Never happened again 😞

  • I'm curious about things like that but it just took me by surprise I think.i had to laugh at myself this morning Because I jumped under the quilt like you do when your a kid haha.thanks for sharing caza

    Love Nat xx

  • my nan visits me a lot I can just sense her presence there. Think she connects to me when I'm struggling miss her so much

  • Hi gentleheart thanks for the reply yes I do very much believe our loved ones we have lost visit us when we are struggling I sometimes smell my mums perfume (lou-lou by cacheral) especially when I'm crying alot.i find comfort in that too it's hard to lose someone so close we never stop missing them do we

    Love Nat 🤗

  • it's strange us talking about this this morning I found a whiite feather stuck to the window. a sigh dearly departed ones are there.

  • Wow i also opened my bedroom curtains this morni g and there was a robin there on the fence too how strange is that definatly a sign gentleheart

  • Thats beautiful 🌠

  • Goes to show we are still loved very much and they are near 🤗

  • yes they always there its very comforting to know they are near x

  • Yes it is I totally agree with you x

  • No Natzsteveo I haven't experienced that. Try not to be worried about it though, I'm sure there's an explanation.


  • Yeh it probably my mum telling me to get to sleep just took me unexpected that's all I think xx

    Love Nat xxx chloe40

  • I haven't had that experience, but if I did, I might have found it more mysterious than threatening. But of course, it hasn't happened to me - - - .

  • Yes mysterious it was I think I was scared at first because it took me off guard. I wasn't expecting that

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