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Anyone had cataract/surgery through BD ?

Hi all,

Hope ur al keepin wel, like thera a chance of that with the combined bd n the wonderful weather we've had lately.

Just wanted to ask if anyone has developed cataracts through bd ? n had surgery ?

Was it succesful ? Any problems ?

Sorry i knw so many questions at once.

2 wks ago when i went to see my gp, i told him about problems i was having with my my vision, glares n sensitive to light, night driving was becoming difficult, occasional cloud, vision disturbance...... , this on top of a post vitreous detachment.

Any info would be appreciated.

Ps andrea good luk wi ur hosp visit today x

Abby x

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Sorry forgot to add,

Doc checkd my eyes n referred me to ophthamologist, told me it seems may have cataracts in both eyes!

I have since visited the ophthamologist who also confirmed it is very early signs of cataracts in both eyes, n that sm just on the border line for driving ;,,-(

Am just so confused about what to do, surgery or not.

Your thoughts n comments would be very helpful.

Thanks Abby x


I'm unaware of BD being responsible for cataracts. I was told mine were 'normal' ie, the same as any non BD patient, and due to my age.

Are you seeing a BD specialist and being treated for all your eye problems?

Have you been told you need an operation now and that it will improve things so you are no longer borderline for driving?

It seems very early days if they are just starting to develop and considering that you have other eye problems too. If you haven't already done so, or are unclear or not confident about what to do, it's probably worth making sure that everything is being taken into account regarding your vision and treatment.


Bonjour, à tous, j'ai été opéré de l'oeil droit pour la cataracte en janvier 2012. Tout s'est très bien passé et le résultat pour moi est très positif. Pour le comfort visuel je ne peux que la recommander (évidemment en discuter avec votre médecin). Comme j'ai été sous chimiothérapie (Fluoro-Uracil, Epirubicin, Cyclophosphamid, Docetaxel) pour un cancer entre juillet et décembre 2010 puis sous immunothérapie (Traztuzumab) jusqu'en novembre 2011 on ne sait pas trop si la cataracte s'est développée suite à la chimiothérapie et au traitement ou est en relation avec Behcet. J'ai consulté à nouveau mon ophtalmologue en janvier 2013 pour des douleurs dans l'oeil gauche que j'avais assez souvent depuis décembre 2012 (surtout le soir ou si très fatiguée). Après examens, heureusement pas d'uvéite, ni cataracte pour l'instant. Diagnostic: névralgies! Bon courage et salutations à tous et prenez bien soin de vous!


Bonjour et bienvenue,

J'espère que vous pouvez comprendre cela, j'ai utilisé Google traducteur pour répondre donc je ne sais pas comment ma réponse est précise.

Un bon nombre d'entre nous ont névralgie, il semble faire partie de BehcetsAre vous basé en France? Il serait intéressant de connaître le système médical là-bas.

Meilleurs voeux,



hi sorry about the late response,

I have had cataract surgery on both eyes but Behest's was not the cause; steroid treatment can and does cause cataracts, especially when you are on high doses (60 mg+) over a per-longed period, Prednisolone can also cause brittle bones.

deflazacort steroid can be used instead of Prednisolone it does not affect bone density; 6mg deflazacort is ewual to 5mg Prednisolone

sorry to go off on a tangent there.....

I have had a lot of problems with my eyes due to Behçet's, so if you have any more questions about eyes and Behçet's please feel free to contact me; my user-name here is rosshi


hi Abby,

sorry I didn't reply sooner, the forum didn't inform me you had answered; I will check my preferences.

I want to be informative and hope my answers do not worry you,

yes it is very likely the cataract giving you the foggy vision; as it develops, the fog will gradually fill the whole of the lens, unfortunately you will have to learn to live with it as cataracts can only be removed when they are developed enough for surgery.

Is your cataract due to steroid treatment? Steroids increase the speed at which the lens fogs over, which when looking for a silver lining; means you won't have to wait as long as a normal cataract takes to develop before they can operate.

Today's cataract surgery only takes around 15mins per eye, (if you have two they will only do one and then wait for it to fully settle down before doing the next) usually nowadays you don't even have to stay in hospital; you would be a day patient, the hard part is the post surgery period; mainly due to; not looking or bending down; you must try to keep your head vertical (you will get used to it) also you must not rub the eye, including afterwards, in fact never. you cannot do anything strenuous either you generally have to take it easy for about six weeks.

If however your cataract is caused by something other than steroids I am not qualified to answer any further questions as there are about 8 different types of cataracts and the only person who can give you proper information will be an ophthalmologist.

I hope I have helped inform you a little, please write back if you want to know more.

kindest regards,



sorry Sarah I thought I was writing back to Abby as this is her thread but my info is for anyone and everyone I hope this is informative for you also

kindest regards,



hi I had cataracts in both eyes after having many many bouts of infections behind the eyes as a child (1st bout I was 18months old). They were lazered about nine years ago and although I didn't end up with 20/20 vision I no longer needed the bottle lensed glasses I had worn since the age of 5yrs (I'm 66 this year). So the 1st plus side to BD free eye lazer lol xx


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