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Work v BD

Hi I am in sick at the present as I had been bullied and abused, went through the right grievence procedure which whole process flared my BD made me I'll had to take time off while mess we're re assessed and extra ones added to he collection of what I take! I then went back to work where I got no support the abuser did!! I then asked if I could not be placed on evening shifts with the person who had bullied and flared my BD but they continued and I had to stress to find swaps. Eventually I asked not to work evenings for a short period as new medication was making me sick and I had to take this at teatim! It dropped my bp so my me dizzy too! Had meeting with management who were awful and basically said u wasn't fit to do contracted hours and that would look to move me 30 miles away, this has stressed me even more no support for me but visions abuser gets to do all sorts of courses and am the one there wanting to move, no trying to make adjustments for now for a short period so now am back on sick and missing my work and not knowing what to do!!! Sorry re rant any suggestions would be appreciated xx

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This sounds terrible. I wonder if there is a union you could contact for advise.

In the meantime, try to stay strong!

Bev x

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Are you in the UK? If so, then as a person with Behçet's you could be considered as a disabled person, depending on how it affects you. The official definition is here:

If you ARE disabled by your illness, then your employers are legally bound to make 'reasonable adjustments' so that you can do your job. Details here:

Does your employer have an HR department? If so, you will be better dealing with them rather than management, as they will be familiar with the above rules.

If you are in a Union, contact them straight away as this is precisely the sort of problem they are set up to deal with. If you aren't in a Union, consider joining one. They may not be able to directly help with your current problem but should be able to at lesst advise you. And your membership will protect you in future.

You may have to deal with the bullying problem separate from the sickness problem unless your co-workers are bullying you because you are sick.

Good luck.


OMG! Who is doing this ? They need to be reported... Do you have a supervisor? A director? A manager? Ceo? Go above all! That is not to be tolerated. Ever period. In any circumstance. Please pick up the phone and report those who are abusing you. Don't worry about your job, if you don't stand up for yourself.... Who will?

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In addition to Maggie's response, look up the company's policies. There should be an area of respectful workplace, abuse or similar titles. If your employer did not handle your scenario the way the policies dictatate.....great news for you. You go to Human Resources with that. I'd have a rep with you fr now on- union rep preferably.

I totally understand where u are coming fr. I too think the BS in the workplace I had to deal with on my own, without support helped me land in this never ending FLARE! I'm off on disability at present and have no plans on returning to the same dysfunctional office!

Depending on where you live, call the labour board ( u must have something similar) as provinces/states have heavy legislation on abuse in the workplace, falls under health and safety also.

Good luck!


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Thank you everyone for all the advice it is very much appreciated!! And very useful xxx


Dec.27th last day of work for me. I took a leap of faith. I applied for disability, I have a lawyer. I am financially broke. I am praying to be able to have my children,& I live on my taxes for now. I heard will not get taxes till March 1st. I have to believe that God knows what I've been going through. So it's time for me to leave this in God's hands,& believe he's holding me , that he has me. GOD BLESS YOU!

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Seek legal advise ASAP.

Write everything down, take copies of all communications regarding your work and illness. Sounds like a planned constructive dismissal  !  They are forcing you out of work !! 


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