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Bad day off!!!

Hi all

Well so much for a day in my bed on my day off. Ended up in A and E as the pain in my back and neck got so bad and couldnt bear it. Anyway after seeing a lovely (handsome) Dr and various pain killers (one up the bum) and a chest xray it was decided that I have some sort of viral reaction and it has flared me up big time!! Valium, Naproxen and Tramadol later, I feel better and back sat at work today with a heat patch and a fake smile!!!!

Anyway I have a lovely weekend to look forward to with my OH away and time to do absolutely zilch!!! Cannot wait.



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Sorry to hear you've had a right do - and hope it wasn't the handsome Doc that had to administer the pain killers ;-) Have a lovely weekend away x


Thanks hun x


I really admire you keeping on working as I had to give up my nurse training which broke my heart. I hope your pain improves.



Glad you got it sorted, have a wonderful weekend away :o) x


That's not good hun. Pain is horrible.

I've been feeling pretty crap too with really bad pain in my tummy. Doc thinks there is an ulcer in there bleeding, don't really want to go for a colonoscopy so will go by docs instincts. Bloody great, got no mouth ulcers so they move somewhere else. Fluoxitine, Tramadol and immodium for me along with all the regular meds.

I know how working sometimes feels a strain and have one of those fake smiles in my desk draw at all times lol.

Hope your weekend is a nice quiet restful one. Weather is supposed to be wet and windy on Saturday but better Sunday.

Reckon if I were you a duvet day on Saturday would be on the cards.

My Daughters school has it anual Christmas Fayre on Saturday so I will be down there between 11 and 2. It is good fun though, it's something Christmassy and I love Christmas, so will be in my element. Will be exhausted afterwards but it will be owth it!

Take care and hope you feel better.

C x x


Well my OH is away this weekend so I plan to have a early night watching trashy telly, then a lie in the morning. I am spending the afternoon with my lovely Mum and we are taking my 7 year Nephew to see the local town xmas lights switched on. It isnt a spectacular event but they have lots of local schools and shops running stalls and raffles. Its a bit like a fete but with christmas music and mulled wine! So a gentle walk around that and then home to lots more sleeping! Then Sunday I can do nothing at all and again catch up on girlie telly and then wait for my OH to return from his travels!

I cannot wait to relax and have 'me' time!

Hope you have a lovely time at your daughter school fayre! At least it is only a few hours. So have a lovely weekend.





Oh what a pity your day went so badly. Hope you have a lovely quiet and restful weekend. xxx


Hope you had a good time at the Xmas lights switch on and have had the relaxing weekend you planned.

I went to my Daughters school Xmas fayre but to be honest it wasn't as good as it has been in previous years. Might have been just me cus I did'nt feel that great. Did manage to marzipan 6 Xmas cakes in the afternoon which was good. Marzipaning them is the easy bit though as it gets covered up with the icing.

Sunday is going to be a duvet day.



x x


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