treatment for giant granulomas on skin

One of my symptoms is giant granulomas mainly on the lower limbs, forarms, inner thigh and cheeks. These are about 1cm or more deep and take months to heal. Sometime the lesion is small on the surface but very large and deep underneath. Occasionally I'll get a red serous blister with them. The body very slowly pushes the granuloma to the surface (can be painful). Does anyone else get these and what do you do to help?

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  • In-mouth-shaped papules and then aft, which consists of a very severe one reason is that the shape of the field structure. Upper extremity and consisting of depth and width in dorsalis 1 cm nodule near the lesions in the style. I guess I am convinced of this disease is closely linked to nutrition. Environmental pollution is regarded as more copper and phosphorus, that shows. Over time, the form of exacerbation of hatred and self hissettirmesi spicy pickles salt content foods. the clearance, thankfully news hopefully soon

    See you soon.

  • Hi Sunset - that you very much for your reply. So far I haven't been able to link them to anythihg. One reason for this is they are very slow to develop so by the time they are near the surface the cause could have been a couple of months back. Nutrition and the environment probably do have something to do with it but as I said after 10 years I still can't pinpoint anything.



  • Hi lesleyg

    This sounds pretty nasty. I have terrible painful lumps under the skin which are practicly everywhere on my body and constantly errupt under the skin and never come to the surface or heal. My consultant says he has never seen anything like this in behcets.

    I find that keeping my lymphatic system as clear as possible helps. i.e having showers every day with one of the scrub mits and massaging in the direction of the lymphatic system. Which is basicly brushing the inside of the legs towards the heart and the stomach up towards the heart and the neck/chest down towards the heart.

    I also take lympthatic herbs such as poke root [pytolacca] in tiny amounts to help clear the lympthatic system if it is particularly bad. although you should let your constant know if you are going to take herbs.

    If you are active enough a small trampolet also helps the lymphatic system, I cannot use one of these now but did in the past and it was helpful.

    I also use tea tree oil in water for any lesions or infections such as ulcers in the mouth and follicolitis and ulcer on the bottom or vaginal....I sware by this.

    Hope this helps you

  • Hi Andrea

    It does sound vaguely similar. My doctors here also say the same thing - they are sure it is Behcets but haven't seen anything like these lesions.

    What ratio of tea tree oil to water are you using?

    I'm not particularly active due to the pain in my lower legs, however will look at the herbs etc for the lymphatic system.

    Thanks and keep in touch


  • Hi lesleyg

    thanks for your reply I am glad you think it might be helpful to try. I have a dilution of say 5% which works out at 5ml [100drops or 1 x 5ml teaspoon] of tea tree to every 100ml of water, oil ointment etc.

    I use it in a water spray for dabbing on areas and also add it to plain ointment which I get from my homepathic supplier but I think it would work in almost anything that you already use.

    I would start off with say 2% which works out at 2ml to every 100ml. Trying it on a area of your skin that isn't too inflammed to make sure there is no reaction. Then build up to find what suits you, but don't use it neat.

    I also add the same ratio to shower gels, shampoo's and body creams if you use any. I also place one drop on my toothbrush before the toothpaste and make a mouthwash with a couple of drops in warm water - to swish around.

    Sorry I sound obsessed with it - but it does seem to keep a lot of my behcets problems under control, incl ulcers, vaginal, bottom blisters.

    I hope it works just as well for you....I would love to know and it might also help other people

    good luck


  • Sorry lesley

    I meant to add that it will sting for a little while but shouldn't be too bad. If it is it really bad and goes on, is too strong for you and try a weaker ratio.

    good luck again

  • Thanks Andrea

    It sounds like you might be on to something there. I have a very large open lesion on my arm at the moment and my theory is that when it is 'active' anything sets it off (I think the correct word is pathogenic). Even packing seems to make it worse.



  • Pay attention to the development of new ulcers in the mouth, as well as to keep out oral hijyene, rind, hard, hot, acidic or salty food and alcoholic beverages, it is important to stay away from irritasyondan

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