Ulcers in nasal area

Sorry to keep starting new questions, however I find it easier to look back if there is a separate subject. Over the years (and including now) I get an ulcer in the nose. It starts at the back of the nostril and then goes into the nasal cavity. I haven't had treatment for this - it would mean going to an ENT which hasn't been organised yet. Does anyone else get these and is there a simple treatment ?


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  • Hi Lesley

    You are probably going to laugh and not be suprised that I use a solution of weak Tea Tree, sea salt, and warm water in a dropper and use it regularly to clear my nose of mucous etc and this seems to keep the ulcers from formulating or getting worse.


  • I should have known! I have a bottle of 100% tea tree but am unsure how much to dilute it for mouth washes, nasal spray etc - will do some checking first.



  • I had exactly the same, which eventually eroded a hole through the nasal septum. Apparently, they can't be 'patched up' and I just have to live with it! It's a pain in the bum (or the nose...) because it bleeds sporadically. And there is one more prescribed medicine - Naseptin - which is usually used in cases of nosebleeds that won't stop. It's antiseptic and antifungal.

    My suggestion is that you find out the dilution for tea tree and go with it!

  • Hi Lesley

    For the nose - I make up 1 cup warm water with 1/2 teaspoon sea salt. 2 drops of tea tree and a small pinch of baking soda.

    I rinse the nose through [using a neti pot] or use a dropper or nasal spray bottle to put drops in the nose. It may tingle a little bit for a while but not too bad....the baking soda counteracts the tingle and moisterises the nose.

    For mouthwash just put a few drops in a small glass of warm water and swish it around.

    Obviously you can adjust this accordingly as sometimes I use it a bit stronger - if I feel I need it.

    Good luck


  • Hi Andrea. Thank you for the recipe. I suffer from nasal ulcers regularly, and I will try your mixture as the creams I have previously been prescribed did not work very well.

    All the best, Sue.

  • Hi suenmike

    I hope it works as well for you as it does me. It is best to start when you haven't got ulcers or they are not too bad.

    I use this virtually everyday and this has seemed to keep them at bay as I haven't had hardly any nasal ulcers since I started this regime. When I have started to get them again , it is usually because I have lapsed and forgotten to do it for a while.

    I also suffer from sjogrens with dry, mouth, nose, eyes etc and this actually helps to moisterise the nose rather than dry it out.

    Also helps sinus and hayfever......what more could you want ;)

    Good luck


  • Hi , I am guessing this would be ok to use on a child as well. Just got rid of last batch of mouth ulcers but now have one up right nostril. I take it is an ulcer as it looks similar to mouth and is really sore.

  • Hi there. Me too! My right nostril has been affected since last spring. I went to ENT this past December. He cauterized the two ulcers and after several painful days I thought perhaps it had worked on the one smaller ulcer and at least improved the ulcer further back in nasal cavity. Well, mid January and back to same as before. I'm going to get a Nettie pot today to do sinus rinses and use a humidifier at night. That's it! I can go back to ENT but I wouldn't cauterize again. Best wishes. Sacha

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