How often do people have ulcers for

Hi I get ulcers that last for 4 weeks at a time there horrible and painful they go away for about 10 day then there back regular as clock work do others suffer the same I'm waiting to go into hospitals for new meds consultant says I need to be closely monitored as my bone marrow is fragile after this I'm off to the Bechet centre in Liverpool for more tests ect do they keep you in hospital at the Bechet's centre any info would be welcome

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  • Hi the Centres of Excellence don't usually keep you in unless you are seriously ill at the time. They are very good and will take a full history and you will see a range of doctors such as rheumatologists, dermatologists, opthamologists, neurologists etc as needed. I advice you to take with you information on any illnesses, symptoms and medicines you take. It is also a good idea to keep a daily diary of your symptoms and feelings and take photos of any ulcers or rashes etc wherever they are and notes on severity, length of flare and length of absence. There is no test for BD at this time and you get your diagnosis by a number of symptoms over a period of time. I have had BD for 32 years now and it took over 12 years to get a diagnosis. Nowadays there has been more research and knowledge thanks to the Behcets Society especially for the Centres of Excellence and a quicker diagnosis now about 2/3 years . Try not to worry and I hope I have helped you in some way.


  • I vw got photos had more but lost my phone with them on all my consultants have seen them I will take more and my rashes as well thanks for the advice ulcers have gone after 5 weeks but can guarantee they will be back within. 2weeks never fails I will start and keep a daily dairy from now

  • Hi, I'm currently on week 4 of a seriously debilitating flare up. It's never lasted more than 10 days and I usually don't take medicine. You don't suffer alone

  • Thanks for replying its a horrible illness its not just the ulcers its all the other stuff as well my mobility is shocking can't hardly get up domn the stairs and the fatigue isn't nice I'm starting g new meds adain soon but not holding out much hope though nothing has helped so far

  • Hi bobthomas1962 Good luck with your appointments and please don't lose hope. Have you seen the various Factsheets on ulcers and treatments etc etc. Have a look here: Best wishes to you.

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