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Anyone tried baking soda mouth rinse to relieve pain from BD mouth ulcer flares?


I've heard of rinsing with baking soda before but never used it. I get particularly sore ulcers on the very tip of the tongue, which impacts my ability to eat, drink, and speak. Appreciate any tips from people who've used a baking soda mixture, or indeed anything else they've found to work!

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Hi Dub123 I was given magic mouth wash but I never got mouth ulcers. you can ask your doctor to prescribe it or if you can’t get to it I can mail you mine. I know how uncomfortable they can be bc I get them vaginally so I don’t mind going out of my way to mail it to you bc I’m not using it anyway.

Triamcinolone dental paste works well for me

Hi Dub 123 - my daughter also uses 'magic mouthwash' that her doctor prescribed, like others have mentioned below. She also takes Colchecine to try to keep them at bay as much as possible and her dermatologist told her she can use the Clobetasol ointment (also a prescription) on oral or vaginal ulcers. good luck - i hope you can find some relief!

My daughter has Triamcinalone mouth wash

Lidocaine liquid rx works great, the magic mouthwash is hard to get without a compounding pharmacy so the lidocaine works great, it’s more of a thick gel. Never tried the otc trick but would love to know if it works also.

The triple mouthwash I was given from London COE is amazing, I haven’t had a breakout for 8 weeks, this is the longest I have ever gone in over 20 years! I still get the feeling like about to break out but they never fully come out.

Doesn’t help me. Makes teeth whiter though. 😃Magic mouthwash helps some. My insurance won’t pay and I don’t always remember to order all the parts. I use a toothpaste called earthpaste and a mouthwash called Therabreath. I do actually notice a difference using the more naturally based toothpaste...when there at there worst I avoid nightshades, I don’t always but when I’m in a flare I do. It became evident when I ate chips and salsa....😢

Hi, I bought virtually every ulcer product over the counter... nothing worked until I was prescribed colchicine and magic mouthwash, the first reduced the frequency of ulceration and the second the pain, both I think speed up the healing. I had awful oral ulceration including throat mouth tonsils etc. Hope that helps, best wishes

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