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Who else suffers from Dry Eyes ???

Who else suffers from Dry Eyes ???


Iv bn suffering with my eyes for sum time nw. Had Uveitis in past. Had agn since then. All the Opthamologist kp saying same thing. I hv very bad dry eyes :-/

-Is this part of Behcets or sumthn completly new?

-is it side affects of meds fr Behcets?

Iv used artificial tears for past 4yrs. Meds nw chnged.

These r a few meds tht iv used since Xmas.

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Hi, I think this is a question rather than a blog.

This was discussed on the forum yesterday, you may find some of the answers there useful


Yes I do have to use liquid tears 4 times an hour, also have photo phobia too so seems to be part of it.


It is important to use the artificial tears because leaving it could actually scratch the lens of you eye and permenatly damage your eyesight. If one lot don't suit you keep trying others until you find the right one for you....that's what I had to do and it took sometime to find the right one.

Read the link on the questions tab that Tigerfeet has suggested as it may help you a bit more



Hae to agree with all of the above. Opthalmologist said dry eyes are very common and a lot better to look after them than get uveitis.



Thnx guys. I knw wat to ask fr at nxt appt on 15th.


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