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I was invited to part in a clinical trial I had my first infusion 2 weeks ago next one tomorrow early signs look promising my ulcers have been away about a week first time ive been ulcer free for that length of time for over a year other symptons are pretty much the same but its very early days so time will tell I see that others here appear to be doing trials as well so hopefully it can benefit all of us in the long run

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  • What drug are they giving you?

  • Infleximab

  • I am curious as well. Would you happen to have a link to the clinical trial study? I am looking on this link:

  • Sorry I haven't it's a year long trial only a couple of my doctor know what I'm on incase it influences the trial

  • Good luck Bobthomas1962! Is this the trial run by the Centres of Excellence?

  • Yes it's being done at the Freeman hospital in Newcastle but in conjunction with the betchets center in Liverpool early signs are good regarding my ulcers only a couple of small one in the last couple of weeks most relief I've had in over a year other symptoms are just the same but it's early days I'm very hopeful of a agood result I know there isn't a cute but some relief would be great

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