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Trigger Factors - food allergies

I'm sure this has been discussed before so my apologies.

For the life of me I can't pick anything that sets off a flare.

I can be extremely stressed and nothing happens or life can be very smooth and I'll go into a large flare.

I can't pick any foods, although I steer clear of anything spicy, especially capsicum. Years ago I did a food elimination diet through Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney Australia and proved sensitive to Gluten and Salicilates. My theory is it might take a combination of a couple of things to set things going. Very early in the piece I was diagnosed as having coeliac disease because my enzymes 'spiked' on a blood test, however this seemed to be a blip as coeliac disease has been disproved. I try to cut down on gluten but must admit I'm have to try harder.

Any comments?


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My husband swears that my joint pains (particularly my knees) are worse when I eat white bread.


Hi Lesleyg and Di;

Behçet's Disease when it comes about the interpretation; Pay attention to the development of ulcers in the mouth, oral hygiene to keep out new as well as spicy or acidic, rind, hard, salty food and alcoholic beverages are irritation, it is important to stay away from

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Funny you should say that Sunset :-) My mouth ulcers are always worse when I've eaten white bread and the truth is,OH is probably right - I just don't want to give him the satisfaction! I haven't told him about the worsening mouth ulcers ;-)


We think my mother has a very mild version. She defintely gets quite bad mouth ulcers and extremely cold feet. Mum can barely eat white bread (or much gluten at all) as she gets extremely bad indigestion. I can eat these delicacies to my heart's content. Saying that I mean I don't get an obvious reaction. Also I 'try to be good' and cut down on gluten just in case. Unfortunately I have always been a comfort eater.



My daughter find she has an ulcer flare when she eats strawberries


Hi Tamirra

Thanks for that. I don't eat a lot of strawberries but will definitely take note next time. So far the only one I can easily identify is chilli (accidently eaten). I also suspect foods with sulphur in them.



Hi Lesley,

Coffee was the trigger of my severe large, raised, itchy, oozing, crusting sores on my upper back...well into my 30s & early 40s.

White potato was a trigger for severe palm of hand & finger eczema that would itch, blister, crack & bleed.

Only found out by doing the RPAH Elimination Diet. Actually, the elimination of white potato was not part of their diet...I took it that one step further by chance & was hugely surprised when my hands healed up within a week. My Immunologist/Allergist/Physician said it was a true allergy to the protein potatin. Of course, white potato had been something I ate at nearly every meal. Over the years I have experimented trying different varieties of potato. I'm OK with Kumera, sweet potato.

(Also found out on that diet that I was sensitive to salicylates, amines, glutamates etc. It's impossible to totally avoid these. I'm particularly wary of MSG)

More recently I discovered a severe reaction to Eggplant. The capsule around the joint at the base of my L thumb swelled. I now avoid all the nightshades for the sake of improving arthritis. I noticed joints in my foot were affected.


The whole Coeliac issue is strange. I've been tested a few times over the years. My serology is always negative, including recent up-to-date testing. Biopsies have been Negative. However I do have one of the phenotypes associated with Coeliac Disease (recent genotyping).

I forsee another Gluten-free trial coming up...sigh...

It IS possible to have both Coeliac & Behçet's, but I don't see much written about it. Did find this:

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I just read a study that cows milk protein allergies cause BD and I find this very interesting because as a baby I was allergic to cows milk and had to have a soy baby formula. My mother was told I grew out of the allergic reaction and could have milk. Now I have BD and feel I need to cut out everything with cows milk protein as I strongly believe this study must have some credit. Let everyone know how or if symptoms get better....I just love cheese and my milk coffee but I so hate feeling this dam bad.


Sorry for your issues.

Wether BD flares are triggered or made worse by cow's milk protein or if BD is caused by them, it definitely seems to be your trigger.

Is it just cows milk or have you tried sheep or goats milk ? If these do not cause flare ups for you there are some lovely cheeses that you could substitute for your previous love.

I don't use them in coffee, preferring almond or rice or oat milk for sweet things, soy can cause allergies of its own, and personally I do not like the taste. The above milks are great in lattes , chai teas or smoothies and puddings.

Vegan cheeses and spreads are also getting better now and if you can find a probiotic yoghurt that is dairy free this also really helps speed up healing of ulcers, thrush and flare ups in your stomach.

Hope this gives you some ideas that will help you feel you can still eat stuff you enjoy again.


Food allergies/triggers: GLUTEN, yellow food dye and anything with sulphur as an ingredient. Sulfa antibiotics are one example, or dried tropical fruit that is powdered with sulphur to keep the bits of food from sticking together.


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