Holiday insurance - while on clinical trial - help please!

Hi I'm on the Campath clinical trial for my BD I need to get holiday insurance does anyone have any advice my current insurer won't insure me while on the trial! Ive got a holiday booked and I'm worried I won't find anyone to insure me. Has anyone been insured while on this trial or another?

Please help, thank you Kezzle

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  • Hi first of all it depends where you are going. If you are going to somewhere in the EU you can use your EHIC card European Health insurance card available online for free. If outside the EU then I think you probably won't be able to get insurance.

  • Thank you. Do you know any insurance companies that are good?

  • Be aware that although the EHIC card will cover you for emergency medical attention in Europe it won't cover the costs of medical repatriation/ specialist medical flights etc which can run into £10, 000's .

    I used insure and go last time I went abroad. You will need to be very honest about the drugs you are on and your symptoms. Is the Campath trial doubled blinded, placebo controlled? If not then it's not a " drug trial " in the normal sense as you know what medication you are taking which might help for insurance purposes.

  • I don't know whether you are in the uk or not but I've insured my daughter with LV insurance, although her circumstances sound different to yours. Good luck

  • Sorry I can't as I've never been able to get insurance since I've had Behcets.

  • Hi there

    I have just had to look into travel and health cover as my BUPA policy now no longer covers this overseas. I used and had to declare the Behcets and answer a few questions. It's brought up a number of potential policies for me and my family for annual worldwide cover. The premiums do vary massively . I'm amazed, I thought it would be categoric no!

  • I'm amazed too. As over the years I've never been able to get insurance. We even tried last year and it was a big NO. Lucky you and don't forget to read the small print.

  • We were insured with Virgin

  • hi how is the trial going I'm going on one soon at the freeman hospital in Newcastle I have to have 2 weekly infusions has it helped you my ulcers occur nearly all the time I'm lucky if I have 2 good weeks as well my other symptoms are wosre than ever ive had this condition for 6 years and hope this trial will help

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