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Go sugar free

For all you lucky buggers that can take medication, I suggest you all go see your doctors and demand that they get onto the pharmaceutical companies and get your prescription drugs sugar free, free from lactose (which is a milk based sugar) saccharine any form of sweeteners just say no, and that goes for your every day diet too, so wave goodbye to your table top sauces all that lovely after dinner treats no deserts unless it's unsweetened, O and stop stimulates like coffee and tea, unsweetened fruit or herb teas are ok.

So all you behçet suffering people unite for sugar free medication, if your lucky enough to take them, and good luck in your days.

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First injection today so will soon find out if I'm a lucky bugger!

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I am a lucky bugger...but just found out am Lactose intolerant :- you are right about sugar and additives.

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