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Eye Troubles In Behcets

Hi Guys, over the last few months I've been experiencing problems with my eyes, where they get very red and dry skin round the eye lids, they are very blood shot, and have a lot of gooey stuff coming from them, I'm just wondering if this could be caused by the Behcets and what kind of symptoms others have experienced and what treatments you's have received?

Thanks Steven

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Hi steven

Have you been to the Doctor's with this problem as you shouldn't really delay having it checked with you having behcets.

It sounds like a conjunctavitis infection, but it would really need to be diagnosed especially with the blood shot eyes.

I had conjunctavitis and the eye dept at the hospital gave me a very long, low dose antibiotics and drops for about a month and had to wash the eyelashes with baby shampoo in warm water and a cotton wool bud.

Hope this helps



Hi Steven

My eyes are often very red. Occasionally I get a very bad headache at the same time.

Are you anywhere near a teaching hospital? I found that once I 'got into the system' (which took a few months) - then you have a variety of doctors looking at your various symptoms.

Even at the hospital a couple of the comments from doctors apparently weren't correct, however as there is a rotation (and the doctors there can consult with others) I find the diagnosis and advice the best I've had yet.



Hi Andrea, no haven't been to the doc's yet but will make an appointment, it's more than likely just an infection like you said, but with Behcets affecting the eyes i just wanted to make sure it wasn't related?! And Hi Lesley, no i don't have a teaching hospital beside me, and up in Scotland we have no centre of excellence or specialists in Behcets so it is difficult at times to get the required help you need for your symptoms, but I'm getting there slowly but surely with the help of my specialist in Maxillofacial, he's the Dr I've been seeing for years and who treated me with my apthous ulceration. Thanks again for your input, always helps!!



Hi Steven have you been to a eye hospital for them to check it out . Steven you really need to

see your doctor do you have any problems with light and is it very painful.

Take Care Sully


Alright Ste,

Behcet's can present at the front, within, at the back, and right through the eye. If you notice any distortions, floaters, or blurriness I would go straight to the eye hospital. As time goes on you will realise what might mean a problem and what won't. It may well be an eye infection but as you are male I would go straight eye hospital.

Ten years back, when my eyes went funny, I delayed and lost sight.

It is probable nothing but best to be safe. There is good information on the net about Behcet's and eyes.

Cheers, Tim


Hi Steven, have you been in touch with the Behcet's Syndrome Society? We keep a list of consultants we're aware of who are either treating or have treated Behcet's patients. We're aware of consultants in Dundee, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh - if any of these would be useful, please get in touch with our Admin Office - the details are on our website.



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