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Pancreas pooped out

My biggest challenge is maintaining weight

All my relatives with this and me are underweight

Stool studies with fat malabsorption

Digestive enzymes required. We just can't absorb enough calories despite 3000 a day

Gluten is a problem, but so is everything else

Low lectin diet helps but is aweful

How can one gain weight with a disease that rejects carbs and fat?

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Hmmm this is tricky. Have you tried a mainly protein diet? I am sure you have :(

I am sorry

May I ask how you started to know you had pancreatic problems? I ask only bc I am starting to have severe digestive issues and we are having trouble pinpointing it.


Fecal fat studies


I am highly interested in this topic as my mother has many symptoms of an auto immune issue. Doctors have been dismissive of her, except finding some small issue in the pancreas. Not enough for doctors to worry about though. I am fairly certain she has not had this test. She does suffer though on "what can I eat" as she has all sorts of things that upset her insides. I don't have an answer for your question. However any info you can post about your pancreas and how you were diagnosed or really anything.. I would be very appreciative and I hope this might be something my mother can follow up on. thanks thanks thanks.


i wonder if the fat content in your BM was broken down though? Not all fat is created equal sort of thing. I would say do a bit of research and see which foods are better tolerated and see if they are saturated, unsaturated, poly saturated and monosaturated. There is no catch all for animal fat vs nuts. They all have different profiles of fats. Also maybe look into the chain length of the foods you eat (short medium or long)- may seem a bit excessive but hey- with my sucrose intolerance- it took over 10 years to narrow it down to JUST sucrose. You could be fine with certain meats and certain nuts, but not all nuts- if that makes sense.

as for your enzyme, switch up the enzyme. Theres a ton on amazon. I noticed mine stopped working as well for breaking down sucrose. So maybe thats a thing. Also keep it in the fridge.

Lastly- look into protein supplements/shakes. The important thing is that you are absorbing calories. We buy one off amazon called bulk supplements. no flavor. Has nice profile. Also maybe consult with a second opinion stomach dr. It never hurts. Please keep us posted.