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Morning, when my daughter was 1st ill at the age of 17 the hospitals didnt know what was wrong with her, she was in hospital for 5 weeks in icu with them giving her drug after drug to see if it would help, ending result very high dose steroids for months and months which resulted in 5 stone weight gain, she has lost a lot of the weight and is currently 10.5 approx and 5ft4 she has been to the gp today to ask for slimming pills but she has been refused them, does anyone know if there is a particular one that she can use while on Behcets meds, she is very depressed about her weight and other mental problems where she is awaiting help from 4 phycologists for her different problems, so i would love for her sake to lose this excess weight to make her a little happier and give her some self estem. Thank you. ( sorry about spellings on certain words ) x x

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  • I also had weight gain due to medication and couldn't move it. So I went to weight watchers and although I was on a high dose of steroids I managed to lose over 3 stone in 12 months, even though through following their plan and eating more than I had ever done.

    I don't personally like these slimming pills, especially for young girls. My niece, who now 23yrs, started taking these in her teens and became very unwell and went down to 4 1/2 stone. We nearly lost her and it has been a long road to recovery. She was admitted to hospital many times and eventually told she had anorexia. The doctors are under the impression that it all stemmed from the slimming pills, so please be careful if she decides to use them.

    Also I recently gained a lot of weight again down to water retention, which can be a side effect of lots of different drugs so returned to weight watchers which unfortuneately didn't work as it was water not fat. So I reduced my salt intake to the barest and drank lots of water. The result in that is that I lost 2 stone in 2 months and by continuing, the weight is still coming off, although much slower now.

    Hope this helps. Take care and stay strong xx

  • Thank you Kenjay, i will tell her about WW and im willing to try too if it will encourage her, but with WW ive been told by many who have lost weight through them have gained it back plus more, we cant risk that happening. x

  • It,s just that people revert to bad eating habits once they stop going, I think. It would be good if you went with her. initially I went with my daughter who always had a weight problem to support her. After she lost over 3 stone she got pregnant so we stopped going. Good news is that after her son was born she went back on the ww programme and lost all the excess weight again and for the past 9 yrs has remained a stable and healthy weight by just continuing with it. x

  • Hi there, I also gained a lot of weight when really ill and on steroids. However, I “bit the bullet” as someone else wrote on here and joined slimming world recently. Last week was week 3 and I managed to lose 6lbs in a week! OMG.. It felt fantastic and I wasn't hungry once x

  • Oh the above comments have inspired me to lose weight! I have gained 3 and half stone since being on the steroids and have jumped froma size 10/12 to a size 16. It really gets me down. My friend suggested slimming world and has lost weight and still ate nice things. Right I am going to go for it and no more excuses!!




  • Sounds like WW or SW is the answer. Will be having words. Thanks all. ((((hugs))))

  • Angela... Go girl! People at fat class asked me if I had done loads of excercise to achieve the 6lb weight loss and I was able to tell them that my aim was to reduce my weight to improve the agoniszing joint pain... Its surprising that one can be almost immobile and lose 6lbs xx

  • Am starting Thursday. My friend goes and I have arranged to go with her. So have bitten the bullet and am going for it!!

    I would be happy with losing a few pounds to motivate me!!




  • I have to add here my experience to. I was always a tiny weight 7 stone 7lbs i went in to a bad flare and in 3 weeks went to 15 stone due to meds and steroids. In fact i was hospitalised for 18 months and left hospital 17 stone. I went onto infliximab and slowly reduced steroids eventually losing weight to get to 13 stone. I then was stuck and couldnt move anymore so to went to WW in 4 months i was 8 stone 8 lbs with hard work and determination its possible. I am currently in bad flare and back to 13 stone 8 with bloody steroids and lack of mobility so understand how depressing it can be. I do know once i start on new treatment ( infliximab stopped workkng and humira no longer works) i will get back to Ww as i am to determined to be this big for ever. I have 2 little ones i need to keep up with .

    I dont think slimmig pills would be a good choice. X

  • I really feel for her, and know from experience that weight problems can be life changing.

    When I first got ill with repeated attacks of acute pancreatitis I could not digest any fats and food passed through me. I went down to about 5 and a half stone, and I am 5 foot tall. I did get accused of being anorexic at my work place, and some of my colleagues pulled me to one side and asked me how I managed to lose weight because they would like to be as slim as me...I found that insulting and bad taste as I was in a lot of pain, very sick and getting thinner all the time.

    Then I went on steroids and started to swell. I was told to ignore the weight gain and eat as normal. Within about a couple of years, I went from 5 and a half stone up to nearly 13 stone. I am 12 and a half stone today. Now people talk to me as if I am a permanent 'big girl' and cannot imagine me being any other way. Obviously I do not want to be thin again but I realise the weight on me has changed what I can wear and the style of clothes. And it has aged me too. However, I am of the age that if I did lose weight, I would probably end up with a lot of loose skin and look worse.....

    Steroids do make you gain a lot of weight. My GP says that steroids only make your appetite stronger and it is eating extra calories that causes the weight gain. I disagree because I eat less now than I did when I was skinny, and I maintain that your metabolism just changes. You can see that when you give pets steroids, they balloon out despite being on the same amount of food.

    I know of people who manage to be on a maintenance dose of steroid and maintain a good body weight. However, they exercise regularly with swimming and aerobics and gym training. I can recommend swimming. However, when folk feel ill they just do not want to exercise and if you are larger you get more fatigued. I get out of breath just climbing a few stairs.

    I can fully understand being refused the use of slimming pills annoying as that is. They are not a miracle and not without side effects. Some of them make fat pass through the body quickly. There are vitamins and other aspects that sick people need that are only fat soluble so those pills can disrupt health and a doc will have good reason to refuse them unless someone is morbidly obese, probably being around 10 stone and 5 foot 4 does not tip the BMI into the danger zone, so those people are normally encouraged to reduce calories and increase exercise. Also, docs know that if weight is lost easily, it is just as easily put back on again so they will lean towards trying to encourage loss of weight the hard way, through food and exercise otherwise there is a tendency to yo-yo and not maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    Your daughter's weight is manageable...she would probably feel much better just being pounds lighter, and being about 9 and a half stone is probably normal weight for that height....so there is a lot of hope for her achieving that in the long term.

    My cousins used to be a bit on the weighty size. One joined WW and her sister joined Slimming World, and both became very shapely and have maintained their weight since and look really great, as well as young for their mid 50's. One believed in the classes so much she became an example,and an instructor and it was life-changing for her confidence having always been an overweight child.

    As for me, it is difficult to exercise and I have had to be happy with just curbing my weight gain and making sure I don't put even more on, but I have not been able to lose much really....sometimes I go back down to about 10 and a half stone, but it does not stay that for long. I cannot tolerate fatty foods, so avoid them, and I do have too many carbs really to make up for that. I eat a balanced diet and do not over-eat, but I am short and small boned and probably need to eat like a mouse.

  • Dear Tamirra,

    Well done to you putting such an important question to so many experts here. It looks like you have the answer and I know this will give your daughter such a boost she rightly deserves. Bloody steroids if it's not hair it's weight, but without them life would be unbearable. My fingers are crossed for your daughter. Xxx

  • Morning and thank you to everyone's answers, the doctor refused her again yesterday with the slimming pills, her BMI is spot on and she is in the normal range for her height, she didn't seem to depressed about it, but what i don't want her doing is going down the drug route eg... speed, she has done this before she was ill and after, but i think she is more sensible now and she realises this is NOT an option, and i would KILL her before the speed did. Will keep you up to date. x x

  • What a worry for you. It's really hard being a mum isn't it? especially because of what she has been through before. Please encourage her to go to ww or s/w, it will work if she follows their plan. I love food and was worried that I would always be hungry, as on other diets I tried, but was surprised at the amount of food I was able to eat. I was actually eating more!!!! It was proper food not diet stuff and was even allowed choc and cakes!!! Can't be bad can it? Hope she manages to lose the weight she wants, with having bd she doesn't need the extra pressure of weight issues.

    Take care and stay strong x

  • Thank you Kenjay, she knows she has and will always have our support. x

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