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My appointment went WELL, I know I did say WELL...the Consultants Registrar was from Iran and guess what? he knew what I was talking about because this insidious disease is more prevalent in middle eastern countries. He spent an hour and half with me. taking notes and LISTENING to me. That in itself was novel!!

I now have to wait for another MRI and a Lumber puncture!!!! If I had the cash I could have an MRI in a week but as I do not I will have to wait approximately 6-9 months. The lumbar puncture will be done sooner..Will let you all know when I get appointment!!

Thanks to everyone for all your kind wishes and support. xx

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:-) Hoorah! Excellent news. 6-9 months is a long time but in the scheme of things and the way BD has historically taken years to diagnose that's pretty good going. Maybe you will get a cancellation appointment and have the tests sooner.

By the way, if you haven't done so, I would ask for a copy of the clinic letter.


"Faints" I love it and it was just how I felt!! Great to be listened to and understood for a change..have requested copy of letter. take care x


Sounds good

I would contact the MRI department and ask to be placed on their cancellation list - emphasising if you can attend at short notice and give them your mobile number too.

I also ring every now and then just in case a cancellation comes up when you ring. Also it gets your name in the picture so they remember to call you when there is a cancellation available

It does work for me often

Good luck with it all



Have just done as you advised and rang MRI dept thanks for that advise..hope you doing ok?


I am glad you were treated with sensitivity and someone listened. There are good Dr's out there and hopefully you wont have to wait that long.

Take care



Thanks for your comments..I am just so glad to find a "good" Dr x


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