Foot pain

I was just wondering if anyone has had problems with their feet. It's only on my right foot, feels like I have stepped on something and have really bruised it, very painful when walking. This then turns into a pain on the side of my foot, then my big toe starts hurting whilst still getting this bruised sensation in my heal. Had this now for about 6 weeks, would be interesting if anybody else has suffered from something like. All comments gratefully received.

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  • Hi 2016

    I am so sorry to hear of your pain. Yes, unfortunately I have foot pain all the time with my BD. Aling with bruises. Good shoes, stretches, inserts with a bar that off load the pressure of the toes ( per my doc) really helps. Soaking them in cold water also helps.

    I hope you find comfort.


  • Thank you for getting back to me really appreciated.

  • Yes I have foot pain in both feet most of the time. Big toe on one foot and the second toe on the other foot. Constantly feels like I am walking on rocks or something... I have just put it down to part of the joint/muscle pain. Hope it improves for you ! Do you take a regular anti-inflammatory as well??

  • I don't take any anti-inflammatory medicines for my pain, I try and control most with what I eat and drink. So far it has worked well but the pain in my foot just won't go. I do get other joint pain but I take manuka honey every morning that helps considerably. I find that the more tablets I take the more pain I get so unless I really need something i don't, I try homeopathy and other natural remedies. I have had BD for over 40 years and I seem to get to grips with one thing then another raises it's ugly head, but hey ho things could be worse. Thank you for messaging really appreciated.

  • Could be Mortons Neuroma. A pinched nerve between the bones of your foot. 😊

  • I will have a read up on it, thank you

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