I will try and describe this the best I can. I am having to rely alot now on using a crutch. The further I walk the more difficult I find it becomes. Its my left leg. The calf starts to hurt and above and around my knee. I become a bit breathless to. My leg feels tight especially at the back of my leg. Then I feel dizzy and quite light headed. So I use my crutch basically to keep me steady. My walking becomes a chore as I am usually worn out and left with a leg that throbs. The throbbing extends to my foot eventually. Does anyone else get this. Its becoming harder and harder.

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  • I'm suffering with that right now. My calve has hurt for a couple of years now but has now affected my leg, ankles and feet. I'm in agony as I type. I have always been proud to use an aide but might have to start using one now and again. I just don't want to face up to the fact that I have this illness :(( x

  • Yes I get the same thing an mine is my left leg to it started of with the pain just around my knee an calf but now it's in my hip to and is agony I sometimes ave to walk at a snails pace nothing I take helps either went to gp he said a lot of it is due to the inflammation an I also have fibromyalgia but can't take anti inflammatory tablets cause I also have a lot of inflammation in my stomach so just ave to plod along best I can hope u find something that works for u an u feel better soon x

  • Hi I too am experiencing the pain in hips from calf to feet side of my thigh and it has now become numb and tingling in my feet and calves I had a Cat Scan which showed spinal stenosis I am going to have a MRI this Sunday Dec"13 to see how much nerve compression i have Rheumy says I may need op to release the nerve I really dont want to if I can help it but at moment I cant walk too far I am stiff sore And over it !!!

  • I'm somewhat newly-diagnosed and off and on I get pain behind my knees, in my calves and down to my feet. I've been tested for deep vein thrombosis even (negative) and then I've also had numbness and tingling in the same areas, as well. The rheumatologists don't know what to make of it and may send me to a neurologist if I keep getting the numbness and tingling. Good luck and hope you feel better.

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