Pain like Shingles

Hi fellow Behcet sufferers

I am quite new to this forum but wanted to ask if any other Behcet sufferers have a neuralgic pain around the face and side of eyes. I keep experiencing this and the only way to describe the pain is to say it feels like someone has really slapped you hard across the face and feels stingy!! My skin is really sensitive in this area like sunburn. I have had this occur 3 time in about 2 months and is really frustrating. Many years ago I had shingles and it almost fells like that but it goes after approx 24 - 48 hours. Help please!! I feel like I am going mad with this today!!!


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  • I do have a shingles like pain, Bailey, which started about a month ago. However, it's nowhere near my face but around my elbow! No shingles rash,just the sore skin that I remember from true shingles a couple of years ago.

    The elbow pain started off as joint pain, sort of morphed to muscle pain and is now muscle pain and sore skin. I have no idea if it's to do with my BD, my gut instinct says no.

    Oh, and welcome to the forum, it is a very good place to be x

  • Hi Bailey

    It could be shingles! Because of the immunosuppresant medications apparently we can get shingles regularly (most people only get it once). I had a really bad dose on the right side of my face - and around the eye. You should check with your specialist so it can get checked out.


  • Thanks guys. I will get it checked out.


  • Hi Bailey23

    Welcome to the forum I hope you find it as useful and friendly as I do

    I also have had shingles around the same place as both you and lesley describe. I have also had it in the more common place of around my middle stomach.

    The stinging that you describe sounds like another pain thing I have which is around the backs of my thighs and also running down my outer legs to my feet.

    It flares up and is very, very painful even to touch or sit on the toilet or anything. You can't see anything to show just how painful it is. No rash or blisters, redness or this what you are getting?

    I haven't had any success with doctors who just seem to shrug and offer pain killers and antibiotics.

    I try rubbing cream [very carefully] in which it really is very painful but this does seem to help a bit after the initial screaming session of rubbing the cream in.

    I have found a gel with capiscom in it [which helps to kill nerve pain] but this might be a problem if used too near the not sure what to advise other than seeing your doctor as soon as possible in case there is something serious underlying.


  • Thanks Andrea

    I have taken my anti-inflammatory Naproxen and this has taken the edge of the pain but still sore. I also have no rash but a little redness. Feels a bit better today after dosing myself up with tablets!! Hate having to do it but it means I can go to work and not have any more Sickness!!!!


  • Hi Bailey23

    Welcome to the forum :)

    I get exactly the same as Andrea describes down my legs and find it difficult to sit down, with the pain comes numbness in some places. I also get this down my arms too :)

    Moys x

  • Thank Sarah. It has eased slightly now but still tingly. I have given up going to the GP for every small thing that crops up, he is very good but I feel like a hypocondriac !!! Thanks for you message though. I feel slightly more normal knowing that I am not the only one. I dont wish this on anyone though lol xx


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  • Sarah, I spect they LOVE you. We are like docs' gold I think. I know I hadn't been diagnosed for very long - I mean hours - when all of the practice knew. I knew that because one of them who had seen me through a bit of a breakdown phone me to say how my fame had spread...

  • I get that pain down my buttocks a few days before I get a genital ulcer a real tingly nerve pain :(

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