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This is a delicate topic so I'm sorry if anyone is grossed out. So a few days ago a small sore lump developed on the inside of one of my vaginal lips, after a day or two it developed into a full on ulcer. This has never happened to me before and it's really sore. I did some research and apparently this isn't uncommon to happen right after having tonsillitis - which I did. (Also I'm only 18 and I've never had sex so I'm pretty confident it isn't an STI)

I'm not too concerned about it but I was hoping someone might have some advice on how to deal with it and cope with the pain because it can be really uncomfortable! Also, now that I've had one is it likely to come back?



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  • Hun try not to worry..if you've never had sex it isn't a nasty std..try a warm bath with salt in it..may sting a bit but will help should clear up soon:-)...if still there in a couple of weeks check with your doctor...I'm sure it will be fine xx

  • Hello there.very sorry your dealing with this. I have them maybe a couple times a year. My gp gave Mr a steroid cream but when last at behcets centre they told me to soak a make up pad with diflam an hold it to the area for 2 minutes. Then a fresh one for 2 minutes and it does ease the discomfort. Hope it does for you too

  • So sorry to hear this. I had the same and it is really scary and painful! I did not have it return inside my lip but I did then get them outside which were still sore but no way as painful as inside but this did not happen until years after. I use to have salt baths but recently I was told not to because it can dry it out and make it more sore. I now have baths with Oilatum bath additive (had it prescribed at the hospital but u can buy it at boots or any pharmacy) it makes the bath all silky and eases ur ulcer. Good luck!

  • You can ask for prednisone to help with the heal time. In the mean while, if it hurts to urinate over, keep your urine diluted as possible. Drink 8oz of water every hour. You need to rest.

    Do you have oral ulcers right now too? Colchicine is a medicine that is taken long term to keep ulcers at bay. Keeps the heal time down and the size and frequency reduced.

    We've mostly all have had the ulcers down below so feel free to ask what ever you need.

    I remember being 18 and got my tonsils removed. Seemed like that was the start of my issues. My ulcers weren't that painful the first time but progressively got worse each time.

    You can avoid future episodes by resting and by making healthy lifestyle choices.

    Click on people's profiles and see what posts they have responded too. You'll find a bunch of info that may answer more of your questions.

    good luck honey and rest up!

  • Hi,

    I have also been suffering with genital ulcers the last month and they are so painful. I had them tested and it's not herpes. I needed some reassurance. From reading the comments this is not uncommon. I am still waiting a confirmed diagnosis of beçhets. But the symptoms are becoming more and more common. The people on this forum are so helpful, so I would take their advise. Steroids really help to clear it up. I've been on and off prednisone for a while now. Although I hate the up and down with my weight, I'm relieved to find something that helps. Take care, Sam

  • Go to your doctors and they can give you cream x

  • Does anyone know how long they last?

  • Thanks for the help everyone

  • Hi sweetheart, I suffer from these monthly but, usually thrush treatments help also could you ask your doctor for colchine 500mg? It can be a good med for ulcers. Hpoe you feel better soon x

  • Hi. I've had these ulcers too but not very often. If you can request your doctor for a steroid cream, it helps a lot. They can take 7-10 days to heal. Last time I felt the lump I've put the cream straight away and just after 2 applications the lump got smaller until it disappeared and the ulcer never developed. Also, it can be caused by small traumas, like very tight jeans, friction, etc... Try to avoid what can cause you any traumas and you'll be fine. I noticed an improvement since I started to prefer leggings and skirts to jeans. And golden rule, if you have an itch or discomfort, DO NOT SCRATCH, no matter what.

  • Hi I have had beshets for since my late 20's and I'm

    Now 41, I had genital ulcers all the time and numerous tests then I was diagnosed with beshets! I can tell u the best thing that works for them even tho it's not a treatment for them is aciclovior it's better than any steroid cream or steroids the ulcers go after 5 days before my dr said give this ago I would have ulcers for mths at a time but this is by far the best treatment! I have had ulcers in my eyes 3 times the last yr which is terrible I was on 5 diff drops which included steroids to get rid of them but they did go but came back but had treatment again! X

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