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genital ulcer and yeast infection??

Okay, so I have suffered from genital ulcers due to my Behcets for a while (currently on treatment for a flare), but now I have a yeast infection to add insult to injury. Normally, a yeast infection really wouldn't bother me all that much, but I don't know if its because of the ulcers or what, but it really freaking burns!! I went to the doctor and she put me on diflucan (for the yeast), but I'm just so uncomfortable. Has anyone else suffered a yeast infection while having an active genital ulcer? Any tips? Thanks!

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Hi! No, i have not experienced this combination. But I suffered from yeast infections quite frequently while in my 30's. Probiotics helped.

All the best


I have had this issue. I get both ulcers and thrush frquently so it seems inevitable that I end up with both at the same time. I also find that while using a steroid puffer on the ulcers works great, it seems to cause me yeast infections. I have started using the yeast cream preventitively if I need to use the puffers. My sympathies, it is definitely no fun when you lady parts are on fire!


I frequently suffered with both. I found taking the tablets for the yeast infection best as creams seemed to irritate ulcers. This was before my diagnosis so not tried the inhalers but heard they work on ulcers. Hope you get some relief soon.


Had yeast infections before. Caneston cream helps, as does keeping it lubricated. One thing my doc advised is after bathing, NO towelling and NO panties for a while. What he also said was use my hairdryer on a cool/cold setting and gently dry affected area before dressing and that really helped a lot. So did Sudocrem for nappy rash as it left a barrier over broken sores. I also use drapolene nappy rash creams. Always cotton pants if I need to, no jeans and swinging denim skirt...lie around with legs as open as poss. When sores heal they can get sticky.

Another good barrier cream is Bepanthen a baby nappy barrier cream. I use that on my dog's ulcerated vulva too and it works. It has stopped sore spots breaking open on me before an ulcer develops.

The yeast thing has been prevented by proper drying before dressing. Otherwise, especially on antibiotics, it gets worse after bathing. Yeast infections can break open skin and really sting.

I used to try biotic yoghurt but was advised not to by docs and not sure if it works.


When nerisona c cream mixed with fucidin ointment used as painless passing within 2-3 days. Healthy days.


thank you all for the responses!! its good to know i am not alone :) definitely going to try some of the ideas! i have started taking probiotics now, and i will continue to do that going forward. also, i always try to keep the area aired out, but the blowdryer/not dressing for a while after showering is a great tip. thanks again everyone :) hope everyone has a happy and healthy weekend!


Your body uses candida to remove mercury,

we all suffer from heavy metal poisoning and the pharma drugs they give you normally won't work as they are meant to if you have these heavy metals inside you.

There are a few things you can do to remove these metals and improve your overall health,

limonene, you get this in the peel of citrus fruits if you use a blender that doesn't go too fast then juice one lime and one lemon everyday they must be organic, heat this up to body temperature 36 Celsius and drink every day take this as your breakfast,

elderberry juice (Sambucus nigra) is great for cleaning out your body (Try on your skin first)

Iodine mixed with DMSO (this is pure sulphur derived from trees) 50 mg a day of 7% lugols Iodine will clear so many metals from your body the 7% solution is the right one for your body it will increase your intelligence by clearing out the calcification that fluoride causes the DMSO can be bought from a vet only get the 99% one this will clean your arteries out you can use selenium which is one of the best minerals for removing mercury it also boosts the uptake of iodine you get selenium in brown rice.

Boron is also essential for our bodies and is a great chelator it also removes fluoride which you do not want in you as well as lots of other metals ask the doctor for some pure boron tablets and ask him why he is giving you tablets that contain aluminium in, if he doesn't respond to this get another doctor.

the tablets they have prescribed to you are a mixture of boron which is what cures you, aluminium which is a neuro toxin and magnesium stearate is also not good I imagine they will be binding this with fluoride as well which is derived from uranium processing.

you can have a bath and squeeze in some lemon juice or raw organic apple cider vinegar into the water these can both cure your , do not get the apple cider vinegar without it saying raw and organic as all the others are derived from crude coal tar I am not sure if this is bad or not but it does not come from apples. also drink some apple cider vinegar everyday it has numerous health advantages.

cut out meat and dairy for a while both of these are acidic for your body and take vitamins from you, you do not get calcium that the body can use from milk it is a marketing campaign designed to get you to buy milk yes there is calcium in it but once you heat it it turns into inorganic calcium, heat destroys any protein over 100f for meat and 125 f for normal protein foods like vegetables this in the end damages your brain heat is your enemy if you are trying to heal yourself unless you stick to body temperature or just above.

Japanese knotweed is great for inflammation this is the invasive weed that the government tell you is no good this is a lie and is to do with property owning not health,

knotweed can cure things from cancer to lyme disease and even grey hair if you go grey before your time. you would benefit by researching this weed thoroughly do a small poison test on your skin with all parts of the plant to make sure you don't have a reaction to it. everyone should do this first when trying herbs you only have a one in a million chance of dying from a herb where as in America you have a 1 in 80 chance of dying


You would also benefit from drinking green tea do not drink any other form of tea as they contain a mould as do nuts not in their shells.


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