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An alternative to Pizotifen

Hello there everyone,

A while back someone here mentioned that a side effect of Pizotifen is depression.and that rang bells for me.

I was wondering what the alternatives are to Pizotifen and I've tried looking through past postings without any luck.

I run a discussion group over on Yahoogroups and it's so easy to find information yet so hard here.

Anyway, whilst I'm changing my anti-inflammatory medication I think it would be a good idea to ditch Pizotifen and try something different.

If anyone here could let me know some of the alternatives I can take that to my GP and if nothing else my GP is good at writing out prescriptions.



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I tried Pizotifen and Pronanolol both with little effect for migraines. Have been taking Topiramate for just over a month now and have had fantastic results. I had a few migraines start in the early days, but on taking Sumatriptan early managed to only suffer a mild attack on each occasion. Touch wood I haven't had a debilitating migraine since I have been on Topiramate. Hopefully now the drug has been in my system a while my migraines will be a thing of the past. I don't seem to have any side effects with Topiramate either apart from it leaving a bitter taste in my mouth if I don't make sure I take it with lots of fluids. Can't complain at that now can I? Hope this helps. Clare x x


Hi Claire, that's really useful info and just what I was looking for :-) There is something about Pizotifen that makes me suspect that it's making me feel depressed. I've not had mental health problems in the past but I've developed a short temper that I really don't like and I just feel low when I shouldn't be.

Anyway, I shall make notes to take with me to my GP.

Many thanks, Stephen. :-)


I've copied and pasted this to my GP. My migraines are so bad at the moment that he's concerned I'm taking too much Triptan and we must look for something else. Pizotifen made me depressed and Propanolol had little effect, so this is very interesting info for me at this stage. Thank you!


Hi there did,

I remember now, it was you who mentioned depression and Pizotifen.

Thanks very much for this.

I can now tackle this issue with my GP in confidence :-)

Now trying to chill out with some mellow classical music.

Night Night :-)


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