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Check out the new photos I'm about to post. I'm telling you this disease is messing with the wrong person. I have taken photos of every lesion that appears on my body from start to finish. I have treated them with everything from prescriptions to household chemicals. I've crushed up various pills like valtrex bactrum, I've even sprayed windex to wd40 on them. The only thing that has helped them and in some classes go away in 24 hrs is if you take a fluconazole pill and set the soar and the pill just a little then roll the pill back and forth over the lesion. I know it sounds painful. IT IS!! But it works. Another thing that works for me is tilex which seams to atop the soars from getting worse. So because only these two things work I imagine that 1. I have a mold problem in my home and the behcets is going into overdrive when a spore enters my skin, and 2. I have a fungus. Ivthink it's the kind of Atheletes foot. You see I don't feel behcets is the reason I have these soars but the reason they get so bad on me is because of behcets. Someone without behcets would probably just get a pimple or rash. Tell me what you think.

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