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Does anyone experience flare ups before and during their period? I know some symptoms I have are due to being on my period but my lower back pain, skin sensitivity, fatigue and just feeling genrally unwell as if I have a flare up of behcets has got worse just before my period is due I've noticed this the last 3 cycles now it seems like quite a new thing for me because I never suffered when it's the time of the month. I could sleep for 12 hours and still wake up feeling as if I've been up all night.

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  • Omg yes! It is the worse time for me. It flares up massively for me before my period, all of my rashes come up I'm exhausted and I'm just in a lot of pain and a lot of other stuff, it's awful. My doctor says it the hormones which cause it to get so bad around that time, I have fibromyalgia as well and those symptoms also flare up massively around that time x

  • I have fibromyalgia as well so maybe that doesn't help me either!

  • Honest it's awful isn't it, I can always tell when it's that time of the month about a week and a half before it happens because everything just flares up and I turn into an emotional grumpy wreck x

  • Yes I had for at least 10 years before I was diagnosed last year. Migraines, temperature, tired, unwell, ulcers. As soon as period was finished, I returned to normal. Been on Azathioprine since June last year, not had a problem since. Hope this helps.

  • It is so good to hear this, I thought I was going mad as medical professionals all tell me the 2 things can't possibly be related. My colleague who has palindromic rheumatism which is another auto immune condition also says the same thing. My male gp made a really sexist comment saying everything is worse for women once a month and dismissed what I was saying. Hearing this makes me feel so much better. I feel like I can't function in the week before my period and like I have the worst case of flu ever. Ulcers appear everywhere too. It seems to be getting worse for me as I approach menopause.

  • Gosh how rude of your doctor. See mine said it's bound to get worse around that time because of the rise and drop in hormones, of course it's connected. I can't function the week before mine and as you say the ulcers start to pop up. I found when I was on the pill it made it a lot better and I could just take packets back to back but they won't give me the pill now as I was getting migraines and then all of the stuff with behcets so I am back to feeling horrendous a week before. Maybe when you approach menopause it will calm down for you hopefully as there won't be that large fluctuation and then drop of hormones. I hope it gets better for you x

  • Thank you x I also can't take the pill as it caused thrombosis in me. Medical professionals should understand that it is sufferers who become the experts in conditions like ours and listen to us. I hope things improve for you too x

  • I have asked time and time again if behcets had anything to do with hormone levels as you can guarantee when I have a major flare up I'm either on or due in my period

    And yes I get the more or less the same symptoms xxx

  • Me too. I only have mild behcets but still happens before my period too most of the time!

  • yes, yes ,yes!!!! I usually get a flare up the week before my period.

  • I have believe your body temperature can go up when you have a period and wonder if this can also have an influence on inflammation - perhaps an area for future research!

  • Me too.

  • OMG! Yes! I always have Behcet symptoms a week before my period and then I return to normal! I was wondering if there were other people who were experiencing this cause it was so obvious to me! I'm glad to see I'm not alone!!!!

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