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The most beautiful bunch of flowers ever !

This morning I awoke in extreme pain.

I haven't been sleeping well lately with a pain in my lower back and between my shoulders and never seem to go into a deep relaxing sleep so I awake still grouchy and in pain and start the day with a cocktail of strong painkillers along with my normal medications which never bodes well for a good start to the day.

I swung my window open in the expectation of getting a fairly strong breeze to bring some oxygen into the room and make me feel a bit better and settled back against my mountain of pillows to relax and allow the drugs to take effect and I listened to the comings and goings of the mums and children walking down the pavement towards the school and chatting about things that were happening during the day.

Out of the corner of my eye, in a reflection of the TV screen, I saw a young boy approaching my window very quietly as his mum carried on along the footpath with a pushchair and another young child.

I lay still and quiet to see what he was going to do and I saw a small hand come up over the window sill and place a small bunch of flowers on my window sill.

He turned around and ran back to join his mother and they disappeared off into the distance.

I recognised him as being the six year old son of my friend, the postman, who had come round the other weekend to meet me after their confused conversation regarding my medical condition and state of mind.

I sat on my bed and simply broke my heart crying at this very generous gesture from a young child and after a few minutes of tears streaming down my face, I got something to put them in and filled it with water.

It didn't take me long to arrange the 5 daisies and 2 dandelions in the egg cup on the window sill but I can honestly say that it is the most beautiful bouquet of flowers I have ever been given.

Suddenly the pain seems all so insignificant and I have a huge smile on my face.

:) xx

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wonderful Xandii

I do look forward to your stories of life...they are uplifting

Keep them coming



Hi Xandii - that was lovely!!!

I received an unexpected bunch of flowers during one of my stays in hospital - I have a photo on my iPad screen saver and it still puts a smile on my face.



Often the small things that people do are the most impressive.... enjoy


That is so sweet. C x x


That is so sweet - but even sweeter that it is from the little boy that was scared of you! LOL

Treasure them while they last.





I can't ever believe that a huge bunch of hot-house flowers will ever be as precious these daisies and dandelions. After nearly wetting myself with laughter at the story that preceded this, I have got a huge lump in my throat, now. :{


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