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does anyone know if BD patients from wales can be refered to the centres of excellence at antre

having moved last year to Aglesey, I already travel 2.5 hours to wrexham so i can still see the rheumatologist who has been treating me for sojgrens for the the last 22 years, fortunatly we are still in the same hleath aurthority area .It would be a similar time journey to antree, so not a problem. since i have developed BD as well, and it being so rare, i thought the centres of excellence would be better, if i am allowed to go.I would wellcome your opinions and your feelings about these new centres thanks carol

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Hi Carol hun,

I live in north wales also and I went to the Aintree C of E for the first time in March.

I wrote a blog on it so check it out from my profile okay or type in Aintree at the top search button and you should get anything related to the centre there.

I have been under Prof moots for over 10 years anyway as he was the head of rheumatology at Aintree before the centres were formed. Now that he is the head of the centre it couldn't be better for me. I am one of Profs biggest fans LOL. :)

Get referred asap hun..... I think you'll like it !

The lady that is the administrator there is also called Carol and is an absolute Angel and the rest of the team are great too. All good eggs !

May see you there !!

take care hun,

tootles xx :)


hi xandii

Thanks for your reply,i also read your blog, it spured me on to get a referal to aintree.It sounds relaxed and friendly,even though i was a nurse in a previous life before autoimmunity i still get stressed out at hospital visits. My son aged 35 is also being investigated for BD it would certenly help him to be seen my a multi disciplin tea xxm. It has taken me ages to write this my brain fog is exceptioally thick today.This was only my 2nd question but it is so nice to talk to people who understand

I am seeing my rheumatoligist tomorrow and will let you know how i get on

many thanks Carol xx


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