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Has anyone seen Professor Farida Fortune at the behcets centre of excellence? Or know one in Kent/Sussex?

Hello has anyone been there, would love to know people's experience with the hospital/doctor Professor Farida Fortune at the behcets centre of excellence?

I was meant to be seeing someone with a special interest in BD at my local hospital but I've actually been stuck in hospital since the summer in Kent, there's lots of funding problems but if I do get funding to stay longer to treat my primary condition my doctor feels we either need to confirm and treat the behcets or at least be able to rule it out and get on with it,

If you have been to the London one can I ask how they treat it? I read the national (queens square) often treat it with ivig

Thank you

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Hi yes my daughter has seen Prof Fortune at the clinic of excellence but only the once so far, she has another app on Tues with her but not in the B/D clinic as my daughter needed an emergency app so they got her in the oral clinic at the same place, cant really say alot at the moment as we havent been there long enough to comment, but Prof Fortune is very nice, i cant fault her at all.


What is ivig?


Intra Venous Immune Globulin statement IVIG abbreviation of initials, ready for some diseases in the patient's vein serum antibody defines the method of treatment given. Available to the patient antibodies, the blood of those who donated blood is obtained. These antibodies show a protective effect for more than 3 months.


Hi vikkilouise

I was under prof. Fortune at St. Thomas Hosp and transferred to the centre of excellence at The Royal London in whitechaple. At theBehcets clinc at previous Hosp. I hadn't seen a rhuematologist. It was my first appointment at The London and was really pleased with the way it went. First I saw Prof Fortune, then went to prof. Standford for the eyes and then next door to Prof Ali Jawad the Rhuematologist then into another room to have bloods taken. So it was a one stop shop for Behcets! My next appointment is at the beginning of November so am hoping it will be as straight forward as the last one. It is just so lovely to see medics who know exactly what you are talking about :o)

I haven't had the treatment of IVIG I am currently being treated with the 3 in 1 mouthwash (doxicycline,betnesol and nystatin) colchacine, azothaprine plus meds for heart condition and pain management pills.

Hope you can get yourself sorted :o)


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