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Anyone going to the conference?

I've copied this from a post made by Admin in another thread as you may not all read it or know about it.

"Behcet's Syndrome Society is holding a conference in October on Saturday 13th in Peterborough. All members and their families are invited and we have medical speakers to explain how to manage your pain along with information about the latest medication and about the Centres.

If you want further information, please see our newsletter or our website behcets.org.uk

Hope to see some of you there!"

I thought it would be nice to know if any of you are going. I intend to, health permitting.

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I would love to Tiger but a journey of that length wouldn't do me any good whatsoever. I haven't been to any of the conferences - always 'nest year.' Oh how I wish I'd gone when I could; a journey of 75 miles last weekend knocked me out for a week though.

Shame, it would have been nice to put faces to names, apart from the opportunity to find out what's going on in the world of BD


I would love to go...and if I can find a sitter for my wee man I will be there...how far down is peterborough..??


Have a look on AA routefinder


I would have absolutely have loved to go to the conference but I am in Scotland and have not the finances or ability to go that far from home.


It's in a different place every year so those of you who can't go this time may be able to go to another.

The last one I went to was a lot of years ago and I planned rest the day before and after, stops on the way and arrived after the business part of things but in time to meet other sufferers and attend the talks. I left before the end to allow time for stops on the way back too and so that I did not get home too late.

It felt good to put faces to names and to talk for the first time ever to people who knew what I was talking about. It also got me fast tracked to see a Specialist whose waiting list I was on, which was a bonus!

This conf is nearer to where I live than any in recent years but is still a long journey, so I will aim to do the same again this time as long as I am up to it on the day.

I know some people stay overnight so that might be an option for some of you - if not this time, then perhaps next.


I am almost certain I will be going as Peterborough is not far from where I live. My consultant is speaking in the afternoon, according to the agenda.


I'm hoping to go. I saw my behcets consultant yesterday and mentioned it, he thought was a great. Idea to go.

My 13 year old daughter wants to come with me to learn more about behcets, and also to support me. Would this be appropriate? She's very mature and we are very close,lse?



I don't think there is an age limit, but only you can decide if it is approriate Anna - perhaps you and your daughter could look at the agenda together and decide from there.


Bear in mind that it is also the AGM so there will be a short session to go over the business side of things.

I may not arrive until the afternoon so I can get the most out of it without getting too tired. I have emailed to let the Society know this. Don't forget to let them know if you are going, and how many of you there are, as they need to know numbers for food etc.

A request to everyone going - there is a question and answer session at the end - please have a think about any questions you might have before the conference and see if you can find out the answer elsewhere, such as on the website. On the day, think about your questions before the session starts if you can (some will probably have arisen from events duing the day) as this can save time and helps everyone to get the most out of it. Thank you.


Thanks for quick reply, I teach on Saturday mornings so trying to find over. Once I'm certain I can come i will let you know.

It will be nice to meet people who will understand this illness.

This website has been great and very helpful.



I hope those of you who are going realise we will have to wear pink carnations or have a copy of 50 Shades of Grey under our arm or something - don't want to blow our forum cover! :-)


As this subject appears in two places, I'll post the same in both.

As far as I can tell, those going (or hoping to go) are:

bailey23, Alipem, Lizzykarma, Suenmike, Frisky, Kenjay & Tigerfeet. Sorry if I spelt any of those wrong, swapping back and forth between threads and trying to remember. As there will be a lot of people there, I'm wondering how we will identify each other as it would be great to meet the people we have been talking to. What do you think? I wondered about a sticky label but that depends on what you are wearing. Ideas everyone. Also, don't forget to email the Society if you haven't already - they need to know numbers.


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