Penis rash?

Penis rash?


I was treated for balantis 2 times (been to see my GP twice and he said it was the issue) however I appear to have a different problem, I remember a few years ago my foreskin had smegma around it and it was sticky, when I pulled back the fore skin, it took some of the penis glands skin off,  and I don't think it's healed.

It's healthy, doesn't seem anything too bad, haven't had sex (ever).. but they seem to become inflamed and not sure how I can allow it to heal.

The circles can be quite sensitive to touch.

I have one also on the opposite side which is a little bigger.

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  • I want to know what the red rash is on my penis....

  • Can you not see it in the image

  • Thanks, will try this

  • I would like to continue and keep this open, I have made a post, and to be honest he has said the exact same with what my GP has said. I am not sure whether I need to keep my hygiene better and have faith in the GP that they know what they are talking about.

  • It looks to me very much within the normal range for what a penis should look like.  If you get balinitis you need treatment at that time. I'd guess you are not in UK. Here the treatment is a tablet and a cream and works quickly.  You do need in any event to practice good penis hygiene but that really means cleaning well every day. It is clear that you can retract your foreskin properly and you need to ensure that it's clean under it; a mild soap or shower gel is fine

  • Hey, thanks for your reply. I am from the UK I have been cleaning it very often with warm water and allowing the air to dry the penis out. Just not sure what the blips are, I hope you can see in the image the disorientated colour?

    But I've been using cream and it doesn't seem to be helping??

  • If you are worried - and while I appreciate that you may be I really doubt there's any real problem - why not pop to the doctor.  They will not judge you and they have seen everything!

    Best wishes

  • If you "took the skin off" and it's having trouble healing treat it like any other skin abrasion/trauma... apply Savlon and give it air whenever you can... (which I admit, is difficult).

    If you find the healing process isn't going well, you should go see a doctor. This is less about sex and more about your skin's ability to heal.

  • Thank you very much. I shall try what you've suggested :)

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