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Copper IUD Agony

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I had the copper coil inserted over a year ago now. The pain has been unbearable. During the first few days of my period, I’m bed-bound with the severity of the cramps which I never got before. Painkillers don’t touch it. I feel mislead and lied to because when I got it fitted, I was reassured this would subside after 6 months. I don’t feel I was prepared for the pain and I constantly tell myself that maybe if I wait it out it will get better but it’s only getting worse. I’m angry with the medical sector for the blatant disregard for female comfort and the ease at which we’re dismissed for being ‘over dramatic’ and ‘hysteric’.

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I'm sorry you have had such problems. Every woman is different , and many women have IUDs inserted and are very happy with them - even recommending them to others. If you have had this level of pain for more than six months, you need to approach a sexual health clinic or a GP to have it removed and seek an alternative form of contraception.

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