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Continuously itching!


I have a very itchy vagina (internal) for over a year. I do not have a STI/D. I have had Dr's and over the counter treatments. I have all the signs of Thrush/BV but nothing works. Thought it could be psoriasis (rare cases) had a small spell on my head/face. I have hypothyroidism after surgery (2012) but not over weight, it has gotten progressively worsen over time. Feel certain things trigger it more, but I am mindful, regardless it is constantly there.

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Have you seen a specialist? Mine turned out to be lichen sclerosus and I wish I had been diagnosed earlier.

You can have vulval psoriasis. There are also links between people of the same genetic group who have psoriasis also have Lichen Sclerosus. As Moo suggested, you should ideally see a sexual health specialist.

Mapapi in reply to Galen70

Hello there. Thank you so much for replying to my post. Obviously I have not been diagnosed yet, but it is a possible explanation! Which is a relief to me to have some sort of diagnosis, after being in limbo for what seems forever.

Galen70 in reply to Mapapi

You are welcome. Remember there are a wide range of possible causes for vulval itching, you need a proper clinical assessment, preferably in a sexual health clinic, to make a diagnosis.

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