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I am freaking out and extremely upset. Just leaving an emotionally abusive relationship. When we first started dating, right before we met I was tested and clean. We slept together multiple times. After unprotected I got tested again and was positive for chlamydia. He was my only partner. Had to have that all time awkward conversation. He went tested positive too and we both took meds for it. We did not however go back and get retested to make sure it went away. We recently broke up and did not see each other for a week or so. Then being the idiot I am, I invited him over and well.. still trusted this person so slept with him again. Started to have symptoms, odour/discharge 2 weeks after. I HAVE CHLAMYDIA AGAIN. Like are you for you real. And now it is in throat, anus, vaginal. Previously it was only vaginal. I'm so worried. Is this reinfection? How long have I had this? Or have I had it this whole time? I feel like I can never trust anyone ever again. I took the medication and it has made me so sick. Lethargic, nauseous. Ugh. Mostly I just need someone to talk too.

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Don't dispair , go back to the GP or clinic , get retested , and let them know that what they prescribed earlier didn't agree with you...maybe the dosage may need to be looked at ....follow the course of treatment and you'd be ok.

On your relationship, I know it's easier said than done , but you really have to listen to your head and do what is really best for's tempting to get back to old habits but you know longer term it's really no good for you.

Go to the clinic , get the medication , follow the treatment and you'll ok..

I'm so sorry that you're dealing with this. I agree with the other comment, speak to your GP regarding the medication and get retested to confirm you're all clear. I've recently had an experience with someone where I thought I had passed something to my new partner (thankfully everything was clear on both sides) but I was left feeling dirty and shaken by the whole experience. I did have chlamydia when I was younger too so I do understand how you must be feeling. Sadly there are some people who, no matter how we feel about them, will never be the right one for us. Just remember though that all it takes is just one to make you realise that people aren't all the same (and people really aren't). You will learn to trust again. Just take your time, give yourself a break and remember you're not on your own. All the best x

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I'm in the same boat. I think I might have passed it on to my new boyfriend because I had no clue a past partner was positive. He didn't disclose that he had unprotected sex with someone else since his last test. And I tested before being with him. Now I'm wracked with guilt that my new boyfriend might be positive (I'm still waiting on my results from earlier today).

Don't worry about being upset or anything this is all part of having a sexual relationship. Firstly I would point out that if you were clear before you met him and you say that you didn't go with anyone else then it must have been him that strayed and therefore cheated on you! As to the chlamydia I rather than going to your GP I would suggest going to a GUM clinic as they will be more aware of the different treatments that are available. Also it is possible that if it was your GP that prescribed your medicine before that the treatment was not sufficient, I say this because I got tested at my GUM clinic and received the text later that day to say I had Chlamydia and as I was at my GP's the following day asked them for medication, however 3 days later the clinic rang me to ask me what I was doing about treatment, told them that I had seen my GP and they asked about the medication and replied that it wasn't enough and that I should go into them.

The GUM clinic will also do a resistance test to see which strain you have and if needed issue more (or text you when you can stop taking the medication they give you) so it is more precise.

Reinfection is possible if you engage in sexual activity (including masturbation with a vibrator) while you are still taking medication and can transmit the infection from one area of the body to another, for example if you used the toy in your vagina then had it in your mouth to moisten it before placing it in your anus.

Finally it is rare to do an "all clear" test because it can show a false positive for 6 weeks following treatment so are normally told that you should be fine but if you get any symptoms then go back to them.

yeahhhh, we dated for almost 2 years. So I really don't think it was reinfection. M body is sensitive, I always have known when something is wrong.

I ended up doing the all clear test 3 weeks later and I was good.

Go to your GP or local sexual health clinic. It may be that you have been reinfection OR you mentioned the medication made you sick. If you vomited after taking the treatment then it's likely you did not treat the Chlamydia and would have to get more treatment.

aw rip gorl lol

Really sad to think I’m in the same situation as you were. Like to the T the same situation.

I am so sorry to hear that your going through this exact situation. Gosh, I wouldn't wish it upon anyone. It really fucked me up emotionally, especially the mental abuse. He literally got so in my head and had me believing it had to have been my fault some how. Being told I was a useless whore, all the names you could imagine, and he was cheating on me... TO THIS DAY still denies he had an STD, but anyways, thats all besides the point. There are so many forms of abuse. The most typical type talked about is physical abuse, because you can actually see those scars. Mental abuse leaves scars you cannot see, often ones that lay dormant in your mind and can be so harmful. I really implore you to REACH OUT, go to your GP as many times as you need to and be honest with them. Doctors are there to help, I was often so afraid of judgement and wouldn't tell them the whole story, I would feel ashamed to have to keep going back, once I opened up they were like holy shit girl you are in danger, how can we help? Talk to someone, and most importantly leave this person. I didn't get help until recently because I brushed it off as not so much of a big deal and just something I'd get over and for real its caused me a lot of mental health problems now. If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm here for you. I was there, I don't have a magic wand to fix everything but I can support and listen to you. That was something I wished I had, because I felt ashamed and like I was going crazy.

Please reach out anytime <3

Hey,,twice from same person... Wow did you contact them about it.

Ugh - I'm so sorry this is the case. I'm waiting on my own results - I swear this is going to be the longest 1-2 days of my life. Had an old partner call me to tell me he got tested and was +. I got tested prior to sleeping with him, and so did he. What he didn't disclose was that he slept with someone else after being tested and never got tested afterward. In a new relationship and worried my new boyfriend is going to think I cheated on him - or just think I'm disgusting and not want to be with me anymore. The worst part is - if I'm positive, I could've possibly passed the infection on. I have never felt so guilty in my entire life ... hoping it's negative and I can just tell him about a scare and not inform him that he now needs to get tested and take meds. FML

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