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She’s saying she never had genital herpes


IT IS ISNT IT!!!!!!!!!


My career is now officially over. Suicide is now what I’m considering. Very unfortunate.

I thought it was a fungal but I’m pretty sure it isn’t. What do you think?

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As someone who had herpes and looking at this pic it doesn't look like herpes to me. Are you really really itchy that u can't sit down? Is it really stinging and painful? Do you see blister spots appearing? If yes then it is herpes but if you have it don't worry about it. Go for really hot baths that you feel your ass burn and put salt in it. Go for a salt bath every night. Keep taking the medication untill it's gone and if u ever feel an itch down below then get a course of medication and take it even if you feel you haven't got it. I was diagnosed 4 years ago and I have only had 2 breakouts. I went for so many salt baths and took the medication when I felt itchy. Don't let it ruin your life. If it isn't itchy and doesn't hurt so much when you try to sit down it can be something else. I would go to the doctors and get it checked out


Hey Halwaa. I’m glad someone who has experience with this has finally replied. I don’t have painful itching. It’s been going on for quite some time. It mainly has a putrid odor. Which I thought could be the blisters that have popped but I read that the puss doesn’t have an odor. It’s just odd because I just feel kind sick overall, weak,malaise. Like there is something in my bloodstream... Did you have symptoms like this where you just don’t feel 100% day to day? How often is an “outbreak” and how long did they last?

Also, do you have any constipation or loose stools. My stomach has been just constipated and it is hard to pass stool. My abdomen and kidneys hurt as well. Any lower stomach pain like this?


It could be anything if you are constipated and have lose stools it could be Hemorrhoids as this causes lumps which isn't really blisters but not itchy. or you could have chlamydia if there is smell. Honestly the quicker you get checked then quicker they can treat it but chlamydia and hemorrhoids are easy to treat and go away but with herpes is a virus that stays with u for life and iv only had 2 outbreaks in 4 years the first outbreak was like a week as it was first time then the 2nd outbreak was about 3 days I always done salt baths and took the medication and it's never came back. They say stress bring it on but everyone is different it really depends on your immune system because iv spoke with others with it who get an outbreak every year but if your not itchy then I don't think you have got it as the itch and pain is unbelievable you cant even sit down

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Thanks for the reply. I tested negative for chlaymdia so it’s just very odd. Did you have like a day to day illness with herpes? Where you felt kind of sick in your tummy and malaise, and slightly ill? And I’m talking like weeks at a time. Even when you weren’t having an outbreak?


I had muscle weakness and always sick felt absolutely terrible for weeks and it was weird down the anus area but turned out I was pregnant also had hemorrhoids. Herpes I haven't felt nothing coming back apart from sometimes feeling itchy and I took medication straight away but never felt ill with it. Iv had days where I'm ill and tried to figure out what it was and always found out in the end


Ok so those days when you felt ill and tired, it turned out to be something else? I did go to the doctor and he said I had something possibly fungal and herpes is associated with blisters. I have some abdominal pain, kidney, and bladder pain though. Have you felt anything like this in the kidney area/ bladder area?


Does herpes always come as blisters or they can come as long cuts


Apparently only 1in 3 people that have herpes get obvious symptoms, the others either have very mild symptoms or none at all which is why its so common and easily transmitted as most of the people out there passing on the virus do not know they have it themselves. Yes herpes can come in cuts I have been told but again that would probably be for the people who experience little to no symptoms.

Hope this helped (:


Does herpes always come as blisters or they can come as long paper cuts


I don’t know, do you have it?


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