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Issues after having mirena coil removed

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I had the mirena coil in for nearly 2 years when it started to become uncomfortable. I had it removed last summer, nearly a year ago now. Firstly, having it removed was horrendous. It got stuck and the nurse just yanked. I felt like my innards were coming out she said that was normal. I was generally paralyzed in pain for at least 2 mins on the table. Nearly a year on and I'm still having lots of aching and pains. My periods are getting heavier, more painful and are affecting my mental health in a big way. Sex is still quite uncomfortable, and I have also been trying for a baby to no avail as of yet. Is all of this linked? The Drs just tell me it's all normal.

Any advise or own stories welcome :)

Tyi! X

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Dear Bonbon,

Sorry to hear you're going through this. Sounds like you've been having a very difficult time this past year since the Mirena was removed. Can I ask if the IUS was put in for a gynaecological reason (e.g. fibroids, heavy periods, etc), for contraception or both?

If the Mirena was used to control or treat a gynae condition, it will often 'play up' when the IUS is removed. So IMHO I don't think the Mirena is to blame for your current issues; the painful sex, heavy periods and difficulty with conception may be from the underlying gynaecological problem/s.

I know it's difficult at this time to see your GP, but it sounds like you'll need to persuade them to refer you for a gynae assessment once lockdown restrictions are eased.



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Sorry for your pain I had mine took out few mth back to try for a baby mu pieriod is lasting 2 days heavy then light then nothing trying g also for baby and nothing watching ovulation I fear my age of 38 dosent help .. buti was told by my doctor hope this helps that your fertile from the moment its removed . Maybe a trip to your doctor ask for test to see if everything is ok in side . Woth your pain and things may be something preventing the pregnancy worth a trip maybe hope your ok x

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