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I had a surgical termination 3 months ago and had the copper coil fitted the same time , I only bleed for two weeks and then two weeks ago came on my period but light for two days then heaven to point where I had to buy a packet of pads in one day .. the point is two weeks later I have very heavy spotting almost black red but no pain no smell could this just be the coil moving around has anyone else had this .. by the coil moving it wouldn’t allow me to get pregnant again would it

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Have you checked the strings because I think if they are both there it should still be in place. I went to my practice nurse 4 weeks after having it fitted and she checked it for me. The thought of checking it myself makes me feel ill 🙏 but I do believe that if it moves, i.e. you can't feel the strings then you could be at risk of pregnancy. Hopefully it's fine as I know it causes sporadic heavier bleeding, not always accompanied with pain

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Both strings are still there , intact they are to long so think it’s time I booked into the drs to have them shortened but thanks x

yes xxx

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