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Copper Coil


I have booked an appointment to have the copper coil (UID) fitted. However I am already on medication for anxiety and I have read about the effects the copper coil can have on the mind and body and I can't afford to be anymore anxious. I am not coping well with the combined pill. I am currently on Cilest and regularly get thrush, so I am worried

about it worsening

I have read about the effects of copper toxicity.

I went to the nurse today and she was less than helpful and told me to just book an appointment with the doctor (my doctors are horrendous, when suffering with Anorexia, I was told by one of them to just eat something)

I work full time so it's hard for me to get to clinics in the day etc.

I'm really worried and just need as much advice as I can get


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Hi. I had a copper coil for 5 years and I can't say it made me anxious but i know everyone is different. Could you not ask to speak to a different Nurse? Are there no family planning clinics in your area? I know in the area I live there is a clinic separate to my GPs and the nurses tend to be more understanding and knowledgeable about contraception as they deal with it all the time. The Family Planning Assoc has a search facility for clinics

Hi I had my copper could fitted for the first time last week. I was also very anxious about it.

First of all remember that everyone will react slightly differently to it.

My GP was very knowledgeable referring to her own personal experience with the copper coil and I think I was worried about the unknown after having read so many negative reviews about the procedure. To begin with she did an internal to check the position (of my pelvis I think) she then inserted the speculum just like during a smear, she then clamped the cervix-sounds painful but it wasn't as bad as it sounded and I got some strange crampy pains after this, she measured what she needed to and inserted coil using an applicator and all was done. It really wasn't as bad as I thought and lasted about 10mins.

My GP said because I didn't bleed during after insertion that i probably wouldn't bleed but I had spotting for 4 days. I felt quite faint after the procedure for a couple of hours but think it was more my mind going into overdrive. I was slightly cranpy for the first few hours and about 6 hours afterwards I had major pains just above my belly button which resemebled labour pains!! These were really sore even with cocodomal but eased with topped up painkillers and hot water bottle after 1.5 hours!

The next day I was slightly crampy but nothing major and this soon passed. She did say my periods would be heavier and more painful for possibly up to 6months but they should settle after this. Still awaiting the period as I only had it last week and just hoping it isn't as bad as what I think it will be. This coil is a 10 year coil so if I can bear the first 6m I'm sure all will be good.

P.s. my gp said she could use a numbing gel if we felt I needed it but she would go ahead without it first and see how things/I was, and if i was too nervous and my cervix wouldn't open there would be the option of referring me to the hospital for a local anisthetic (hospital too far for her to administer incase I took a reaction) so if you feel it's too much then these would be options for you too I'm sure. Good luck

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