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Worried about pregnancy with copper coil!!

Hi everyone I have had the copper coil in for over 10months now after having my second little boy but over the last week I keep having more and more pregnancy symptoms including breast tenderness nausea and vomiting increased discharge and frequent urination I am doing a test soon but I'm not due in my period till the weekend I have had 2 children and as strange as it sounds I just feel pregnant has anyone else fell pregnant whilst using the copper coil any help or advice is very much appreciated.

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I am using the copper coil and I know that feeling but it's totally normal my doctor said but if you are so unsure just talk to your doctor


Hi i had the copper coil i also have 2 children already, i had it in for about 6 months and found i was pregnant after getting pregnancy like feelings, i am now 31 weeks expecting a boy, i would definitely do a test when you can x


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