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Bleeding after sex with copper coil

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I got the copper coil back in 2019 and everything has been fine - regular periods etc. But recently after I have sex I either bleed a little or it kind of brings on my period, this doesn’t happen every time but it happening more frequently then I think I should have a period. Does anyone else have this problem? I have had it checked and everything is fine with it, so is this normal? Does this happen to anyone else?

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Ye it happens to me too sometimes

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Baker2020 in reply to Wamwan

Is it normal?

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Wamwan in reply to Baker2020

I’m not sure...

Sorry to sound like a broken record but sexual health tests up to date ?

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Baker2020 in reply to Galen70

Yes they are

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Galen70 in reply to Baker2020

Ok thank you. You need an assessment of your cervix by a nurse or Dr after all of this COVID situation calms down to exclude cervical polyps, ectopy etc that could be causing your symptoms, and also I am presuming your smears are up to date ?

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Baker2020 in reply to Galen70

I did go to the doctors before the COVID situation appeared and she checked and said everything was fine. I have spoke to other people with the coil and this can happen with them

Hey, I just thought I’d post. I would have bleeds after having sex whilst I had the coil. It used to scare me, I didn’t know what was happening. Even a few times after I had it removed in the first month or so but it’s definitely stopped. No explanation why but just thought I’d share x

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Baker2020 in reply to Daisy1904

Oh so I’m guessing it’s normal then? As I’ve spoke to a few people I know with the coil and they can bleed after sex or just randomly. Thank you x

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Daisy1904 in reply to Baker2020

I think it was potentially just irritation? It used to concern me massively but I haven’t had it since September had I haven’t had any bleeds since! And never had any prior. I’d say it is normal ☺️ sometimes these things can seem alarming and cause concern xx

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Baker2020 in reply to Daisy1904

Yeah maybe!! Thank you xx

I’m the same. I’ve had mine for 7 months now and have bled pretty much every day since except for a few weeks recently (put it down to severe stress due to bereavement). Even on a ‘good’ day such as spotting it would encourage a light bleed for a couple days after sex. I just had what I think was my second period with this and it’s taking forever to stop - 4 weeks of light bleeding.. I wish I could take it out without having to worry about a pandemic 🙄

Yes that something happen to me I had coppper coil fitted it’s been a year now but still have sharp vigina and tummy pain and unexpected bleeding

Your cervix is lower in your vagina just before and during your period - I noticed when I had a copper coil that I had more bleeding after sex near my period , and also I had more abdominal pain because of my partner being closer to my cervix (and therefore occasionally making contact with my cervix) - I ended up getting my coil removed because of the pain and random bleeding

I did find that using some sex positions that limit depth of penetration near my period to be helpful in reducing pain and bleeding after sex while I had the copper coil

I can’t feel thread of my copper coil what shall I do I don’t want to get pregnant again .this situation happen to anybody else what should I do now I can’t go to doctor because of lockdown

Hi Baker2020. I was looking for someone having the same issues as me, I had the coil fitted 3 months ago and have pains in my lower left hand side and slight bleeding for around a week inbetween my period. Really worrying for me, I'm such a worrier. I assume this is just because of the copper coil. This also seems to get worse after sex.

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