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Abnormal cells(dyskaryosis)

Hi all. Iv been having some problems down below for near enough five years since an emergency c-section with my daughter. Iv Been sent away from the doctors with co-codamol every time, iv been for numerous scans nothing ever been found. I went into hospital with severe lower abdominal pain had more scans bloods done etc, I was told there was something in my blood but didn't know what so was sent home with naproxen, few months down the line I had to give up my job due to passing out with severe pain, more scans and nothing again. Until I blagged a little and said I had pain on left hand side rather than my normal on the right, was sent straight to hospital with suspected appendicitis, was seen by a nurse and was told I had to go to a gum clinic, I had chlamydia and got treated but they found puss when they took the sample so they treated me for pelvic inflammatory disease, the pain has cleared off a lot but still lingering, I have to pee more frequently during the night but get a lot of pain trying to wee but nothing coming out. I don't sleep much because of this. I'm 100% sure I can't conceive anymore children now. I recently went for my first smear and the results came back abnormal (severe) dyskaryosis, I'm very scared had anyone else had this. I also feel angry that nothing has come up before and how Iv been treated by local health professionals and the way Iv just been given a load of tablets for things that Iv been misdiagnosed with for five years. I'm a single parent to a child who has severe autism I feel bad that I havnt been able to do physical things i.e. Running jumping climbing picking her up I have only just turnt 25 I feel so down :'(

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