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Herpes pains


I was diagnosed with herpes 2 days ago, this is the first std I've ever had and its also the most painful thing my body is experiencing. The day I was diagnosed my area was so swollen and sore but no sores however no they are fully blown open sores that i feel like are never going to heal. Sometime i can hardly walk or get up and down the stairs the pain is so great. Since the first day I have been on antivirals and paracetamols, I've been taking salt baths but its still so painful. There is also quite a bit of watery discharge as well which I'm constantly trying to clean away to keep the area dry and not sticky however this does not help at night. It becomes so painful in the morning. I've read that i can try putting baking soda on the sores to help relieve the pain and dry out the sores so they heal quicker, but i think this is going to sting like a bitch and its something id rather like to avoid. Would i be okay applying vaseline or would that affect the healing process?

Any advice for pain relief and removal of the sores would be greatly appreciated thank you XX

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Get some lidocaine ointment.... Totally numbs the area... The stuff is a godsend!

Thank you for the advice, i did have a look at it but I'm not sure if i can put it on open sores???

Yes, you can. They gave it to me when I was first diagnosed... It doesn't sting when you apply it... Get some as soon as you can.

Is lidocaine gel the same thing?? Sorry i just want to get the right stuff

Yes, it is like a gel consistency

The only thing my mum could find was vagisil medicated creme, it has 2% lidocaine in it, will this be alright?

Not sure?.wouldn't have thought it can do any harm. I was given the lidocaine at the gum clinic. So not sure if it is something you need prescribing or not!

Don't use the creme as that will sting as it does not have enough lidocane in it trust me I did try it the pain was unreal. Did you not get any instila gel from your gum clinic when you were told what you had?? I too have recently been diagnosed with herpes back in June and I know when you say the pain is unbearable but it does get easier the first outbreak is the worst and last the longest, I've had my second since and it does not last as long and is nowhere near as painful. Keep doing the salt baths as they do help as for the discharge at night I found it helped to sleep with a towel between my legs which did work. I hope my advice helps :)

Thank you for your reply and your advice, I've already put the cream on but it did not sting. I will make sure to ask at my gum clinic for some proper gel next time i go. If you don't mind me asking how long did your first out break last, I'm just wondering cus its my summer holidays at the moment and all this sitting around doing nothing is so boring. I really want these sores to heal just so the pain will go away.

Ok so long as it didn't sting that the main thing don't want you to be in more pain than necessary....I was off work for four weeks with it and you do have to rest it is hard as I'm a very active person but you have to allow your body to fight the virus properly.

I feel your pain . It does get less severe as time passes though . Try a cold tea bag sounds weird but is soothing . Loose clothing ...cotton underwear should help too . X

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