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Gential herpes

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So yesterday I got diagnosed with genital herpes as I'm having my first outbreak, I've never experienced pain like it and I would never wish it upon on anyone it's that bad. I feel as if Im not drinking as much as I should be, as it sounds silly but I'm too scared too wee as the pain is unbearable! I feel really embarrassed and almost dirty about the situation but I guess that's natural and to begin with I really freaked out thinking my life was over and then I realised it's actually more common than you think. I'm just looking for some advice on how to manage it? I guess Id also like to talk to someone who has experienced it as well, I've spoken to a few mates but it's not the same as they don't know what's it like and how I feel.

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Get some lidocaine ointment to put on them. Wee in the shower... sounds grim I know but it’s the only way to avoid the pain and get some aciclovir prescribed. Sex health clinic should give you both items.

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Thank you :)

Hi... sorry to hear your news. Yes, it is more common than people think, probably because it's not the sort of thing you talk about. Sadly, a lot of people aren't aware of the contagious stages of the virus and, as you know now how easily it's spread. Your local G.U. clinic should be able to test you to see which virus type you have.I found a couple of websites quite helpful.. is quite good. An ointment with 5% lindocaine is helpful in relieving the severity of the blister and shortening the length of the out break. You might find making a few adjustments to your lifestyle and diet can reduce the number of out breaks as well. Eating well, keeping up your immunity, getting enough sleep and not getting stressed out. There are 2 amino acids found in certain foods which do have an impact on the virus. L-Lysine and L-arginine. Lysine can inhibit it, whereas argine can promote it. Sounds a bit confusing, I know. But things like most nuts contain higher argine than lysine.. There are websites which will give you a list of foods higher in lysine than arginine. I've had this problem for years and find just a daily supplement of lysine keeps it in check. The most cost effective way of buying it is in powder form.. I take about a level teaspoon a day.. in a drop of water. You might find the blisters come up in other places around your nether regions, if so... try not to touch the blisters apart from applying any ointment.. as you can spread it.

It might be helpful if you keep a diary so you can see how many outbreaks you get and how long they last. Not wishing to be Job's little comforter, but be aware you are contagious a few days before and after an out break too, so you need to be mindful about spreading it to your partner, if they don't already have it. If you aren't in a relationship at the moment, then you need to make whoever becomes your partner that you have the virus... it's not an easy conversation to have. You may find your outbreaks are few and far between.. if you're lucky. But, even if it seems to disappear... you will always carry the virus.

I've been to the GU clinic and got the stuff I needed they also did the swabs and will let me know in 7-10 days which type I have. I keep reading that's sometimes you only ever have the one breakout but others seem to get a lot due to bad diet, lack of sleep and stress worry is I sleep quite badly anyways and I get run down and stressed a lot due to my job...but hopefully change my diet and crazy social life will be enough to manage it! Your right amino acid food thing is very confusing but I'm sure I'll get the grips of it...I've also taking things like aloe Vera gel and zinc helps? Have you tried them and how did you find it? A diary sounds good me. Is it not contagious all the time even if it's dormant? And no I don't have a relationship and I doubt I ever will now 😂 thank you for your help by the way

Also It feels like this first outbreak has taken all my energy I do something for half an hour and then I need to have a rest is this normal?

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Totally normal. I felt like shit for several weeks... aches and pains and was exhausted.

I was told to have a vit c and zinc dissolvable tablet every day... the ones like berocca.

I have been on aciclovir for a couple of year now... low dose each day... to keep it away. I had about 6 outbreaks one after the other when I was initially diagnosed... was awful!

The aciclovir was the only thing that finally stopped them.

It’s not contagious all the time but can be if an outbreak is about to occur... you get tingling like you do with cold sores... you will recognise the signs after a while.

Hope you feel better soon. X

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I shall have a look tomorrow for them! And I hope I don't get that but I probably will! I've literally never had a cold sore but I'm sure Ill start to notice things. Thank you for your help x

Hi I have herpes since I was 17 years old and now I'm 33 years old my outbreaks only appear when I'm stressed out and last about 2 to 3 weeks. I don't have any treatments for it. And I have never spoken to many people about it only the ones I feel I can trust. The pain side of things I've not experienced any pain during outbreaks.

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How have you told people you've gone out with? And it's starting to clear up but I still feel horrendous

Only 3 people I've been with knows about it and they accepted it as long I don't pass it on to them which I felt fair enough. I never passed it on to anyone, the ones that don't know I have this is because I've never had an outbreak while being with them. I have 5 kids now and they are all healthy.

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I'm still confused as to how you pass it on? I'm not sure who gave it me as well...and that was my next question 😂

The person who gave it to you either had Cole sore or already got herpes. When the outbreaks are live that when it is most contagious I've always made sure that I don't have sex when I have outbreaks.

Ah thank you for your help

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