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Mirena coil

Hi everyone

I'm new on here and I have just had my first ever coil fitting.. I'm still getting cramping and I'm still spotting has anybody else experienced this for this long after? I've not had children so the procedure was very painful and I had severe cramping afterwards. The next thing is.. without sounding crude me and my partner had to stop when having sex as he said he could feel something uncomfortable?! This is the first time since having it fitted not sure if we were both paranoid but wanted to know who's experience pain and spotting this long after and any difficulties when first having sex?!


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Hi, I'm struggling to remember a little as I had my first Mirena fitted after my first child who's now 11. I had always had awful periods so was trying it to stop those and give me a method of contraception that wouldn't stop me ovulating so if I chose to have another child I would be fertile immediately after having it removed, a worry for me as it had taken a while to get pregnant after using the pill for many years.

I did get cramping at first and spotted for quite a while. It may be cramping worse as you've not had children before so the body sees it as more of an invasion. If you're not running a temp or anything unusual I wouldn't worry yet.

With regards to the spotting, I was given a chart to record my periods as they warned it could take six months for them to settle. The bleeding was all over the place without much pattern at all but very quickly it wasn't heavy bleeding so it wasn't particularly inconvenient. After six months as if someone turned a switch it stopped completely. I might get the odd day of spotting if I was particularly run down but after years of lousy periods and taking the pill it was bliss.

As for the sex, I didn't have any discomfort but bear in mind I'd had a baby come through there 😂 My womb sat in such a way I couldn't check my own strings, as they advised. My husband could initially but then the strings seemed to move further up. Possibly from intercourse and I had to just trust it was there. He never felt the strings during intercourse but I wonder if that's what your partner is feeling? Maybe if he tried feeling the strings with his hand it might help him know if it is that he's feeling. It is quite possible that he is as it's usually more common to when it's first inserted and then less over time. My suggestion would be to try different positions to see if there's a more comfortable one for a while. During the month it all kind of moves about in there too, so you'll find certain times you're more likely to feel them. If it continues to be a problem then I'd suggest going back and they may be able to shorten them slightly.

I was so pleased to be rid of periods after that six months and to not have to worry about contraception I had it replaced after the five years with another. Eventually I decided to give my body a break from hormones, being much older than yourself I imagine, and had it removed. It was only then I realised it had caused some weight gain but I'd had that with the pill so hadn't really noticed until I dropped it.

For me the benefits far outweighed that side effect and I'd recommend anyone who has bad periods tries it but keeps in mind it can take that six months to get a true picture of your cycle. Some I know were lucky and they stopped much quicker.

Sorry for the long winded reply but I hope it's of some help and feel free to message me and let me know how it works out for you.


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